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A Traitor Like Judas - Nightmare Inc. review


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Band: A Traitor Like Judas
Album: Nightmare Inc.
Release date: November 2005

01. Intro
02. Die Without...
03. No More Silence
04. Nightmare Inc.
05. From My Cold Dead Hands
06. The Swan
07. A Good Day To Die
08. Memory Hall
09. To The Bones
10. You Rip Our Guts Out
11. On Freedom Square

No, even if they play Metalcore A Traitor Like Judas doesn't come from the United States but from Germany. And this "weird" localization for a Metalcore band doesn't mean that the last release of the combo is bad, at the opposite. It's classic for a Metalcore release but however really solid and the fans of the genre will have to keep an eye on the band.

Yes, "Nightmare Inc" is a solid release of Metalcore. First, the musicians seem to be really good, the singer, who uses two different voices (a strong Death one, and typical Hardcore one) is "furious" and I'm sure that he must be really impressive live. The four others guys are also really correct and don't have to be ashamed of their potential.

Musically "Nightmare Inc" is a classic Metalcore release that uses all the ingredients of the style: heavy vocals, extremely melodic but aggressive guitars riffs, and basic speedy rhythm. It's well done catchy if you like the style but let's be honest too, it's basic as hell and not really original. However the band is not so bad because their songs work and it's not displeasing to listen to their album.

The production is more than ok and can be compared with the best productions that come from the USA. The cover is also really good and classy but on the other hand the albums suffer of an important trendy syndrome that touches all those bands, the length is really short. 38 minutes for eleven songs, is it a race or something? No really it's not really serious and I hope that they will understand that CD are expensive and that we don't buy albums to have less than 40 minutes of music.

As you can see, "Nightmare Inc" is a good album of Metalcore but it's not perfect yet and the band will have to do some little improvements if they want to follow their road on the good way. So oki, it's maybe not something for all the metalheads but it's not a bad album and it's definitely a must for the fans of the genre.

Written by Jeff | 20.01.2006

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