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Rotten Sound - Exit review

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Band: Rotten Sound
Album: Exit
Release date: 2005

01. Exit
02. Burden
03. Sell Your Soul
04. V.S.A.
05. Follow
06. Maggots
07. Slave
08. Mass Suicide
09. Soil
10. Fail And Fall
11. Greed
12. Slay
13. Western Cancer
14. Nation
15. Havoc
16. Traitor
17. XXI
18. The Weak
19. Homicide [LP bonus]
20. Oppression [LP bonus]

Dear readers, welcome!!! Today on, a new review that will talk about a world of anger, a world of violence and aggression, the world of the upcoming album of the Finnish combo Rotten Sound. "Exit" is the 4th album of this "old", if I can say that, Grind Core combo [Rotten Sound was formed in 1993]. If you like this kind of music, without any doubt you must have a look at this review.

Rotten Sound is back with this new release "Exit" and honestly it's a good surprise to me. I'm sure that all the real fans of Grind Core were waiting for it, and already knew that this album could be a real good one, but well honestly for someone who wasn't really expecting something, I find it really good. Of course as always with Grind Core bands, I will regret that the songs are all very short Really I will never understand why, because when you see the quality of the riffs that you have on this album, when you see that the band is able to do really interesting and complex songs Well I don't know that's just a shame maybe But why?
However if you don't care about this point that's really different because no doubt that "Exit" is an excellent album. We are on the edge of Death and Grind Core and even if it's brutal, it's not impossible to feel (and like) the melodies of each song. No, really the musicians are not bad at all, this album is really well done, and in the end it's catchy. It's good because I'm sure that even guys and girls who aren't really into Grind could like how it sounds.
The production is also very good, we have a good "cleany" sound, and even if the album is very powerful, don't worry all is ok it's "easy" to listen to this new CD Nothing to say, this is a good Grind Core release.

Well well "Exit" is excellent and surprising Grind Core. Really if you don't mind about songs on 30 sec - 1 mins, it will be ok for you. The band is ok their music is good, and I will recommend this album to all the fans of extreme music. Have a look on this new release you shouldn't regret it really

Written by Jeff | 31.07.2005


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17.05.2006 - 08:02
Good review, I agree with almost everything. However I like the lengths of the songs just the way they are, but the album itself is just too short. A little over 28 minutes just isn't that much, but somehow it still feels like a full album after the last song fades out so I guess there's no problem there after all, ehehe.
07.12.2006 - 08:41
Account deleted
i like this album really much, im not a fan of grind core as genre but this album exploded my mind, especially becuz their (now ex-)drummer Kai Hahto. First time i heard Rotten Sound was when my friend sent me Western Cancer and that was enough, my first reaction was that 'how any1 can play blasts like that, and he is finnish, cool!'... well, rotten sound kicks ass! \,,/
The album overall, yea i agree its really short, just like other RS albums, but its awesome. main reason why i like Exit album, is Kai Hahto, he is one of my favorite drummers (and biggest idols) and his drummings are really cool! Sad that he left rotten sound
Songs like Burden, Maggots, Western Cancer, Greed, VSA and Slay for example, r the best ones, almost all songs are good. and in the end those 18 songs r enough because come on 80 minutes blast beat pretty boring after all... (i know, no1 has said i must be full 80 min, nm)
Anyways, this album rocks, every1 go to local music store and buy this masterpiece of rotten sound
02.03.2007 - 00:36
Lactation Cnslt
yeah, this album is pretty fucking good. I especially like the track where the vocalist grunts "mosh!" and then a fast, yet groovy instrumental proceeds.

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