1999-  Benji Webbe - vocals
1999-  Dan Pugsley - bass, electronics
2002-  Arya Goggin - drums, falsetto
2002-  Mikey Demus - guitars, backing vocals
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1999-2002  Martyn "Ginge" Ford - drums
1999-2002  Jeff "Death" Rose - guitars
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2011-  Dan Sturgess - dj, samples, pouting, thrusting, electronics
2011  Jacoby "Coby Dick" Shaddix - vocals
2018  Phil Campbell - guitars
2018  Gary Stringer - vocals


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"Big Tings" might be on Skindred's mind, but they certainly don't bleed into the music.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
Do you remember Dub War? Maybe that the young metalheads don't have any souvenirs about them but during the 90's they published a great hit, "Enemy Maker". Sure it was alternative and not "true" Metal but it was really original...   Review by Jeff ››

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