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1998-  Erik Danielsson - vocals, bass
1998-  Pelle Forsberg - guitars
1998-  Håkan Jonsson - drums
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1998-2000  C. Blom - bass
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2000-2002  Tore Gunnar Stjerna - bass
2001-2006  Yonas Lindskog - bass
2007-  Alvaro Lillo - bass
2007-2018  Set Teitan - guitars
2008  Hampus Eriksson - guitars
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2010-2012  Selim Lemouchi - guitars
2013  Gottfrid Åhman - guitars
2015-  Emil Svensson - drums
2007  Mika Hakola - guitars
2010  Selim Lemouchi - guitars

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Trve and kvlt black metal alert: with three magnificent releases under their belt (Casus Luciferi, Sworn To The Dark and Lawless Darkness), the 20-year-old Swedish act of satanolatry - aka Watain - unleash their new demon, Trident Wolf Eclipse.   Review by nikarg ››
So with much anticipation, stoked by a three year wait and the crazed proclamations of E. Andersson, Watain have released Lawless Darkness, the follow-up to the crushing Sworn To The Dark.

I'm not sure if this is going to live up to the hype provided...   Review by BitterCOld ››

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