Watain - Biography





Watain crawled out from satan's cunt in 1998. About a year later, swedish grimrune productions got in touch after coming across some rehearsal and live material of the band, and hence the first release became the 7" ep entitled "the essence of black purity", recorded in necromorbus studio during the eclipse of 1999. This eminent piece of black/death metal darkness marked the official birth of a wicked child rising from it's shallow grave, craving to serve it's master...

The 7" circled through the dimly lit vaults and catacombs of the underground and eventually found it's way to the french black metal label drakkar productions, who offered watain a record-deal for two fullength albums. After some time, they entered the ritual chambers of necromorbus studio to record the much praised debutalbum "rabid death's curse", a release of relentless black/death metal lunacy, immediately elevating the band to the higher realms of the underground metal hierarchy.

Following the release of the debutalbum, watain began to hit the european stages with full force, performing together with bands such as rotting christ, impiety, mutiilation, antaeus, dark funeral, grand belial's key, malign, mortuary drape etc, soon gaining a vast reputation for their intense, ritualized live-performances embodying every aspect of traditional black/death metal sorcery, impure orgies of blood, fire and doom. The first complete european crusade - "the black war tour" - was done in early 2002 together with the old underground force unpure.

In the sixth month of the third year, watain once again entered the infamous necromorbus studio to record their second fullength masterpiece, which after three years of composing finally had grown into it's full abominable shape. The end result became "casus luciferi" (transl. "the fall/descension of lucifer"), eight gospels of impurest black metal fanaticism. The album was released through drakkar on cd [dkcd032] and on vinyl by norma evangelium diaboli [ned003]. "casus luciferi" has since it's release been hailed as one of the most relevant black metal albums of the new millenia, an album proudly revealing the horrifying glory of the true black metal legacy.

At the same time as the release of the album, the "stellar descension infernal tour" is done throughout europe together with secrets of the moon (ger) and averse sefira (us).

In the fourth year of the third millenia, watain continously strikes europe with liveperfomances. Exclusive liverituals are carried out in czech republic (open hell fest), italy and england, as well as a minitour in finland. When the darkness of winter begins to fall upon the trembling plains of europe, the band embarks on a two month long tour together with the reborn death metal legends dissection, marching relentlessly through eighteen countries.

In a scene of countless carbon copies and soulless attempts to evoke the majesty of the ancient black/death metal legacy, watain stand solemn, silent, watching from the shadows, in genuine victorious sincerity.

Official biography: http://www.templeofwatain.com