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Country: USA
Label: Relapse Records

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Formed in: 2006

2007- Ambient Drone
2007- Post-Rock


2006-  Jenks Miller - vocal, electric guitar, piano, bass, lap steel, ebow, keyboard, synthesizer
2006-  Heather McEntire - vocals
2006-  Aaron Smithers - bass, french horn
2006-  Scott Endres - guitars

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On the morning of August 12, when I went on Bandcamp eager to listen to this new Horseback album in full, I saw a little blurb in the upper right corner that described it as music where "the distorted swagger of Neil Young's Crazy Horse sits at a table next to the haunted dronescapes of Sunn O)))." I burst out laughing then and there at how ridiculously silly this description sounded. But I would later regret it upon entering the realm of Horseback once more, and realizing just how accurate that label truly is.   Review by Apothecary ››
Horseback are a sneaky bunch; being the clever sound shifters that they are this new album is an interesting turn of events. Firstly, it's actually mostly just the one fellow behind all the fetchingly folky psychedelia this time around, secondly, Jenks Miller just made off with your wallet.   Review by R'Vannith ››

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