The Body

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Country: USA
Labels: At A Loss Recordings
Thrill Jockey Records

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Formed in: 1999

1999-2010 Sludge metal
2011- Industrial metal
2014- Avantgarde metal
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1999-  Lee Buford - drums
1999-  Chip King - guitars, vocals
2010  Chrissy Wolpert - piano, vocals
2010  Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - vocals
2010  Brad Dumville - vocals
2010  Steven Vallot - vocals
2010  Patrick Reilly - viola
2010  Keith Souza - synthetizers, percussion
2010  Daniel Schleifer - sousaphone
2010  Michael Jeffries - saxophone
2010  Scott Reber - keyboards
2010  Ryan Seaton - guitars, saxophone
2010  Alex Barton - drums
2010  Seth Manchester - drum programming
2010  Gus Martin - bass
2014  Bobby Krlic - synthesizer
2014  Matt Mellon - drums
2013  Leslie Weitz - additional vocals
2013  Reba Mitchell - additional vocals
2013  Chrissy Wolpert - additional vocals
› 2016  -//- vocals
2014  Ben Eberle - vocals
2016  Maralie Armstrong - vocals

Latest reviews

For a band whose number of collaborations rivals their actual output, The Body still manage to captivate with their own material. Following up their self-described "gross pop" album, now there's a few more twists and tweaks to their experimentation with electronic sounds.   Review by RaduP ››
If you're not a fan of fucked up music, you may as well want to stop reading this review.   Review by Apothecary ››
If The Body were a person, and you were you to walk into their wardrobe, you'd probably see hundreds upon hundreds of masks. Some richly decorated and ornate, others more rugged and simpler in design, but all representative of one fact: this individual never seems content to settle on just one identity for themselves. They're indecisive, and they have to be ready at all times for the possibility of preferring to go in one direction over another. And watching them is something like sitting through a nuclear war: you're not quite sure of what's going to come next, but you can be sure it'll be pretty damn intense, whatever happens.   Review by Apothecary ››

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