Negator - Biography


designed by Steve "Nachtgarm" Marbs

drawn by Malte "Unholz" Gebauer


Black Metal is dead - long live Negator! Hailing from the halls of eternal frost, Negator forge their relentless Black Metal in Germany's eternal Metal-City: Hamburg.

In times, when Black Metal is dominated by mediocrity and bands, which celebrate their stylistic und musical deadlock, Negator return after almost five years more passionate than ever. True to their deathless credo "Lined up to create values - made to be indispensable!" (From "Eisen Wider Siechtum" of Die Eisernen Verse, 2005) this Black Metal-armada has brought in an album which is second to none. In order to meet the essence of "big is better", Negator once again chose sound expert Eike Freese (Dark Age, Callejon amongst others) and entered his EiKey Studios in Hamburg so as to provide the best and most relentless sound possible. Think of Belphegor's Bondage Goat Zombie and Behemoth's Evangelion. Their third album, which is literally entitled Panzer Metal, comes up with a monster of a sound that is simply top notch. Negator play unique Black Metal which is rooted in the very Nineties, when Black Metal still was not rendered effeminate and construed neatly. Negator's quintessence is the spirit of Nineties Black Metal clad in a 21st century sound.

Panzer Metal is an ode to the music, a homage to the blackest Metal: Musically as well as lyrically. Furthermore, their third album ties in with its two predecessors Old Black (2004) and Die Eisernen Verse (2005) - beyond doubt. Panzer Metal is nothing but an uncompromisingly declaration of war concerning the infirmity of today's Black Metal scene. Panzer Metal will have all musical extremists worldwide raise their horns in awe. The aforementioned declaration comprises eight Blitzkrieg missiles with a total of almost 40 minutes of pure musical infestation. "Durch morsches Geäst, sägt das schwarze Heer" (engl.: "Through rotten branches cuts the black army" (from "Feuersturm") - beholding this immaculate image, you will surely know how Panzer Metal is going to sound!

However, despite all the vehemence, the relentlessness as well as the fury, Negator never lose sight of the very song as such and always manage to provide untypical, yet within the scope of Negator most typical finesses and elaborate arrangements. Hardly ever before, there was a Black Metal album in this vein where there was so much to discover. It was five years of peace and silence - now Negator are back with a vengeance and once again rule with an iron fist.

Take heedů the Negator is backů the Panzer has already been put into operationů