Judas Iscariot - Biography




Judas Iscariot was a black metal solo project created by Andrew "Akhenaten" Harris. The project is noted for its approach to the purest of nihilistic black metal that gained an exalted status on the underground scene. Many releases are issued in strictly limited edition formats.

Initial recordings under the Heidegger moniker in 1992 were apparently titled after the theorist Martin Heidegger. Judas Iscariot began with an eponymous 1993 demo before releasing the full-length debut, The Cold Earth Slept Below, two years later. Further sessions ensued with The Dying Light, Distant In Solitary Night, and Heaven In Flames.

Two tracks from the Distant In Solitary Light album were also issued in a 7" single format entitled Arise, My Lord on Akhenaten's own label Breath Of Night. Akhenaten would relocate to Germany for later releases and would also become the bassist for infamous Czech black metal act Maniac Butcher.

Judas Iscariot have performed live as a trio with Akhenaten on vocals and guitar with Lord Imperial (Krieg) on bass and Proscriptor McGovern (Absu) on drums at a Texan festival (Sacrifice The Nazarene Child) in 1999. A similar line-up for a headlining performance was formed for a German festival (Under The Black Sun), with Lord Imperial staying the course in addition to Butcher (Maniac Butcher) on drums and secondary guitarist Kanwulf (Nargaroth). This show was captured on the vinyl album Under The Black Sun. The album was limited to a mere 500 copies, which included the live cuts and an 11-minute studio track ("Portions Of Eternity Too Great For The Eyes Of Man"), leading to inflated prices over the Internet, much to Akhenaten's chagrin.

The band's 1993 demo material was used on a split album with Krieg, Eternal Majesty, and Macabre Omen, which was released by the French Spikekult label.

Akhenaten has been a part of many side projects, including Weltmacht and Sarcophagus. Akhenaten officially announced the end of Judas Iscariot on August 25, 2002. The date of the project's demise marks an important event in history, as August 25 is the day of F.W. Nietzsche's death. This may be a coincidence or a purposeful course of action, as Nietzsche was a major influence to the music of Judas Iscariot.