Saltatio Mortis - Biography



And then there were eight… A lot has happened in the world of the German gleemen SALTATIO MORTIS, following their successful run with previous release "Des Königs Henker" to number 54 in the German album charts. In autumn 2006, the magnificent seven suffered their first shake-up, as 3 members left the band. Yet not one moment of crisis ensued. On the contrary, refreshed by the creative input of new blood, SALTATIO MORTIS return in 2007 stronger than ever with their latest work "Aus der Asche ("From the Ashes") to prove to the world that Medieval Rock is here to stay.

With the new line-up and songs, SALTATIO MORTIS reclaim their style, and according to the first media reactions, present their best work to date. The energetic, authentic sound brilliantly combined with traditional, as well as modern instruments, delivers rhythmic rock riffs that intertwine with the dramatic effect of the bagpipe. Of course, this masterful mix is held together with genuine handcrafted compositions and bold, at times critical, yet always poetic vocals that touch upon mythological, magical, or even autobiographical themes.

Once again, Lasterbalk, the lively and well-known eloquent master of ceremonies and drummer is responsible for the ambitious lyrics, which Alea interprets with his charismatic timbre and technical expertise. Alea, on the other hand, and in close cooperation with new member and guitarist Mik El Angelo, takes credit for creating the music, which stays true to band motto, "He who dances, doesn't die."

With producer Thomas Heimann-Troisen (In Extremo, Schandmaul) once again at the helm, a new line-up and an increased number of instruments, SALTATIO MORTIS turns its attention to the string section, delivering 13 tracks that cover the wide spectrum between danceable rock songs and emotional ballads, and thus, forging a unique and timeless sound experience filled with lively surprises.

In October 2007, SALTATIO MORTIS will hit the clubs for an extended tour that should please their ever-growing army of enthusiastic fans. Not only will SALTATIO MORTIS be present as the leading Medieval Rock band at all Medieval events, but they will also perform their energetic live shows at all the festivals of importance, to include Wave Gothic, Mera Luna, and Burgfolk.