Gun Barrel - Biography




Gun Barrel is a German heavy metal band formed in 1998 in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia. Gun Barrel was founded by Guido Feldhausen and Rolf Tanzius and released their first EP Back To Suicide (2000) with the line-up consisting of Guido Feldhausen (vocals), Rolf Tanzius (guitar), Holger Schulz (bass) and Florens Neuheuser (drums). They play traditional/old school heavy metal and they personally call their musical style "Power dive rock 'n' metal". So far they have released five studio albums, Power-Dive (2001), Battle-Tested (2003), Bombard Your Soul (2005), Outlaw Invasion (2008) and Brace For Impact (2012). Rolf Tanzius is currently the only original band member.