October Tide - Biography


October Tide originated with a 1995 demo tape created by Katatonia members Jonas Renkse and Fred Norrman. Much of the material was written during a break-up of Katatonia (which would end up being only temporary). In 1997 the two signed to VIC Records to release their debut, "Rain without End". In 1999 October Tide would release their second and last album entitled "Grey Dawn" which had Mårten Hansen (of A Canorous Quintet) replacing Renkse on vocal duties. The album received much deserved praise from fans and the media alike. Renkse and Norrman made a decision to not grant interviews nor tour whatsoever, which resulted in short lived public profile. These two albums continue to live on in the underground community and are widely regarded as two treasures to result from the temporary break-up of Katatonia. Despite pleas from fans, Renkse and Norrman have repeatedly refused the notion of any future October Tide material.

October Tide play melancholic, sorrowful mid-paced metal, with death vocals laid over the top, Grey Dawn (the second of two similar albums) isn't as heavyhanded as the early Katatonia material but fits nicely alongside the middle releases such as Brave Murder Day. Apparently no longer an ongoing concern, October Tide nevertheless was an excellent band recommended to those into Katatonia, as well as anyone seeking quality music that is downbeat without being depressing.