Cataract - Biography

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Cataract was formed in 1998 by guitarist Simon Füllemann, guitarist Greg Mäder and drummer Ricky Dürst. Their first self-titled demo was recorded in six hours and mixed in another four hours in the bed room of vocalist Christian 'Mosh' Ebert. This hardcore/metal demo CD sold over 2000 copies.

Cataract recorded their first full length album Golem with producer Alessandro Azzali in April 2000, the Ferret Music label got to listen to it and released Golem onto the hardcore punk/metal community in December that year.

In early 2001 Cataract's first line up change took place. Fedi, replaced previous singer Mosh, allowing the band to rehearse more often and regularly. Shortly after, Cataract recorded five songs for the Martyr's Melodies EP, which was released on 7" and as a MCD. The band played at Hellfest, and various shows with Poison The Well, Bane, Unearth, Nora, 18 Visions and Most Precious Blood on Cataract's first US tour.

Most of 2002 was dedicated to working on the second full length album, Great Days of Vengeance, which was released through Lifeforce Records in March 2003. The new album was more metal oriented than Golem.

Cataract caught the attention of Metal Blade Records and was ultimately signed to their roster in 2004. In March they entered the Antfarm Studios and worked on their next release with producer Tue Madsen. With Triumph Comes Loss was welcomed warmly thanks to the aggressive sound and the groovy songs. The release was followed by a multitude of festivals and weekend trips to promote the album.

In May 2006 Cataract released Kingdom, the band's fourth full-length album. In January 2007 founding member Simon left the band and was replaced with guitarist Tom Kuzmic (formerly of Swiss death metal band Disparaged). Kay Brem was also replaced by Nico Schläpfer. With this new line-up, the band recorded its fifth and self-titled full-length album in November, which was released in March 2008.