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3 worldwide releases, 2 EPs, 1 DVD, 15 countries, 4 RV's, 3 vans, over 700 shows, thousands of miles traveled and enough ups and downs to cripple weaker men. But for Dry Kill Logic, not only do they live through it, they live FOR it.

Developing a rabid following since the band's inception in 1992, Dry Kill Logic spent 8 years as an unsigned regional act before finally hitting their stride with the 2001 release of the band's debut album, 'The Darker Side of Nonsense'. Twelve months of worldwide touring with the likes of Fear Factory, Spineshank and Kittie saw the band solidify into a powerhouse of a live act and soon afterwards the band was branded a headliner, and hit the road, playing shows and developing their burgeoning fan base.

After switching labels, lineup changes & industry bullshit the band spent 2003 in their NY rehearsal studio writing the songs that would eventually become 2004's 'The Dead and Dreaming'. 'We parted ways with our guitar player and bassist in 2002/2003 and went on to hook up with Jason and Danny. Jason came in and with Phil penned all the music for TDAD, and once I heard it I knew we were on to something special,' says front man Cliff Rigano. The critics hailed the album as the band's return to form, descending upon the metal scene more intent than ever.

The band then jumped in the van and spent fourteen months on the road, touring with bands like Nonpoint, Slayer, Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Drowning Pool and Disturbed, finally capping their album cycle with the inaugural run of Gigantour; the brainchild of Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine. Hand picked by Mustaine, as worthy of this kind of package, the band hit the road with Megadeth, Dream Theatre, Fear Factory, Nevermore, Dillinger Escape Plan and many others on an aggressive summer-long tour.

In March 2006, the band crossed the Atlantic, invading Europe with the New Level of Aggression II tour, where they were welcomed with an outpouring of support, but the tour was also meaningful due a change in lineup. Brendan Duff, formerly of 100 Demons and A Thousand Falling Skies, officially joined the band.

After coming home and taking a much deserved break, the band released 'The Magellan Complex," an EP/DVD tribute to the fans, representing their never ending obsession with circumnavigating the globe to play shows for the only people who matter -- those who appreciate the music. The DVD showcased life on the road with the band, never before seen interview footage and the video for 'Paper Tiger' while the CD featured a Guns N' Roses cover of 'It's So Easy,' a Danzig cover of 'Dirty Black Summer' and a rough mix sneak preview of 'From Victim to Killer' an original track on 'Of Vengeance and Violence'.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, the band knew that they would need to write new music that would not only take their performances to the next level, but to write music as important as it would be appealing. This record would need to be better than anything they had done before and set the bar for what people could now expect from Dry Kill Logic.

And they have answered the call.

"When we write songs, the band gets together to first come up with the riffs and basic song structure" says Rigano. "I don't play an instrument, and these guys are the pros - they always deliver great songs, usually more than one at a time, so it makes my job that much harder". Once the songs are ready for vocals, that's when they get passed on to Rigano for the lyrical melodies, content and more song structuring. "Musically the songs are pretty much all set when I get them - from there I develop the vocals from the ground up and provide final shaping of the song around the lyrics". The end result is an album that tells the story of facing adversity head on and channeling that aggression into a positive release, not only to better yourself but those around you as well. "The power in leading by example has been long forgotten; complacency and apathy are now the law of the land" explains Rigano. "From a lyrical standpoint, this record explains the passion in rising to face your obstacles and overcoming them, setting the standard for those to come while never compromising the integrity of the message."

'Of Vengeance and Violence', DKL's 3rd full length worldwide release, sees the band at the top of their game. The record shows how honing your craft is a sorely missed part of today's music scene. Songs like 'Boneyard', 'Dead Mans Eyes, '4039' and 'Breaking the Broken' show DKL in their finest hour fast moving in-your-face musical attacks, alongside powerful vocals that showcase unheard levels of aggression and power. Dynamic songwriting and thought provoking lyrics appear everywhere, from powerhouse tracks like 'My Dying Heart' and 'Kingdom of the Blind' to the sorrow and loss of 'In Memoria Di'. "Making good music is really important to us, and when we began writing this record and seeing where the music was taking us, it became more exciting than ever.' Produced by veteran Scrap 60 producers Eddie Wohl &Rob Caggiano along with Phil Arcuri at Millbrook Studios in upstate New York and mixed by Paul Orofino (Anthrax, Ill Nino) the team understood the objective at hand and captured the energy and raw, in your face power the band are known for.

Set for worldwide release on September 19th, 2006, via Psychodrama/Repossession Records, DKL is out to prove that their unique brand of intensity and dominance is truly the new level of aggression, and 'Of Vengeance and Violence' leaves no doubt in any listeners' mind that the future has arrived, and it is Dry Kill Logic.

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