Abnormality - Biography




Abnormality is an extreme metal band hailing from Massachusetts, United States. Purveying a female fronted violent hybrid of the heaviest sub-genres in metal, Abnormality mixes technicality and speed with devastating grooves.

Taking from a wide range of influences, Abnormality captures the speed and unrelenting viciousness of Hate Eternal and Origin and infuses it with grooves and hooks more reminiscent of Suffocation and Deeds Of Flesh.

Abnormality came together in 2005, and now features seasoned members Mallika, Jay, Josh, Ben, and Jeremy, all hailing from various underground acts such as Goratory, Ascendancy, Sexcrement, Revengeance, and Iranach.

Abnormality strives to bury the weak "female-fronted" gimmick, and deliver a brutal sonic experience that death metal fans cannot deny.