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Last Drop Of Innocence

Directed by: Alpo Oksaharju
Album: Sound Over Matter

Assistant Director: Tuomas Valtanen
Production: Harri Haanpää
Dreammil Oy
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New Hope

Directed by: Tuukka Peltonen
Album: Sound Over Matter

Hevein instrumental track "New Hope" off the album Sound Over Matter 2005. Music by Leif Hedström and Max Lilja. Photography by Tuukka Peltonen.


Directed by: Leif Hedström
Album: Nor

The official "Nor" Music video is dedicated to the first Australians.
A.K.A the Indigenous people of Australia, the Australian Aboriginals. SORRY

Written, filmed, directed, edited, produced and location by Leif Hedström & Tuukka Peltonen.
Moon run by Ari Järvenranta.

Written by: Leif Hedström, Janne Jaakkola, Max Lilja, Juha Immonen
Arrangements: Leif Hedström, Janne Jaakkola, Max Lilja, Juha Immonen
Lyrics: Leif Hedström, Juha Immonen
© Hevein 2011

Please watch in 1080p High Definition (allow time for buffering if using a slow internet connection) and CRANK IT UP LOUD.

A massive thank you to the following people/companies for helping us make this project a reality:
Ken Hedstrom, Timo Peltonen, The Crew of ms Laura, Jeff Hedstrom and Helen Priest, Leena Hirvonen @ ESEK, Synnöve From.