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Of The Wand & The Moon - New Album Coming

The Neo-folk projet by Kim Larsen put an update on his website:

"The next album 'SONNENHEIM' is being worked on
and will be released by 'Heiðrunar|Myrkrunar' & distributed by Tesco.

After long time requests the Midnight Will 10" EP, originally released by Eis+Licht,
has been re-edited, re-mixed and will be re-released on a MCD at some point in the future.
2 additional tracks was recorded at the same sessions
and will be out on a 7" single titled "HAIL HAIL HAIL".

Exact release dates to be confirmed."
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Eidolon - Update

Here is a message take it from their official website:

"Well, I have returned, safely from Gothenburg, Sweden, where I completed all drum tracks at "Los Angered Recording" with Mr. Andy Laroque at the healm, as it were. all went very well and without problems, which is always a bonus, really. I really enjoyed my stay in Sweden - Andy really took care of me while in Gothenburg, showing me the sights, etc. All around, a very good trip - I certainly could see going back at some point, for future recording-related possibilities.

Nils dropped by the 2nd day of recording, which was nice to see him of course - at that point, the actual recordings were just commencing, so he was not able to catch much musically, but he could tell that there was a good vibe going on in the studio, so I believe that put him at ease. As I write this, Andy is working on finishing up the drum-editing, which should be completed by weeks end. I can assure you that this is the "busiest" I have played on an Eidolon record, mostly due to playing on a "real drum kit " ( I have used the roland v's for most of the records ) so it was certainly nice to get back to playing an acoustic kit in the studio!!

At this point, I belive Glen will commence guitar tracks upon the completion of the 1st leg of the Megadeth tour, which ends at the end of November. He should begin in December sometime, if all goes well. This is our most important record thus far, so we're not forcing any time-line - the music will speak for itself, believe me!!!!!!! Thats it for now, freaks - I will talk to you soon..."

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Invocator - To Enter In The Studio

"Invocator will enter Jacob Hansens own Hansen Studios some days during November to record a few new tracks to be featured on the upcoming record."

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White Skull - New Bassist, Live Video

The italian power metal band have found a new bass player and he's: Steve Balocco who plays in Anthenora and Broken Arrow. In other news the band have posted a live video on the media section of their official website.

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Freedom Call - Studio Update

There is a update by Daniel:

"Hi folks again,
the production of the new album "The Circle of Life" is about to be finished. We're more than happy about the result! Philip and Sascha did a great job, the whole thing sounds alive and kicking. Each song has been given its individual soundspectrum and gained even more positive results.

And here we go for the tracklist of the 12 songs:The Gathering, The Rhythm of life, Mother Earth, Starchild, Kings and Queens, High enough, Hunting high and low, Hero Nation, The Eternal Flame, Starlight and titletrack "The Circle of Life".

Release has definetely been set to the second half of March 2005 but an exact release-date wasn't put on table yet. Right after the release there are plans for touring. I'll keep ya updated.
See ya"

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Within Temptation - Have A Chat With The Band

Holland's Within Temptation will take part in an online chat on Monday, November 22 beginning at 7:00 p.m. The band will answer the fans' questions regarding their recently released album, "The Silent Force", and their upcoming European tour.

You can join the two chatrooms at and


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Cult of Luna - Video Online

There is a message from Erik taken from the official Cult of Luna website:

"Our new video is done! Directed by Skelleftea locals Linus Johansson and Anders Forsman. Photographed by me. It was aired last saturday on Scuzz TV UK for the very first time. Download it below. We hope you'll like it..."

to see the video go to:
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Kamelot - Set A Release Date For The New Album

KAMELOT have set a February 28, 2005 release date through SPV Records for their new album, "The Black Halo". The follow-up to last year's "Epica" was produced by Sascha Paeth and Miro at Gate Studio in Germany and features guest appearances by Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Simone Simmons (Epica) and others. Songtitles expected to appear on the album include "March of Mephisto", "When The Lights Are Down", "Moonlight Falling", "The Black Halo", "Abandoned", "Master of the Game", "Soul Society", "Pride", "Nothing Ever Dies" and "Serenade".

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Mourning Beloveth - New album

Doom/Death Metal band MOURNING BELOVETH have posted the following update on the songwriting process for their as-yet-untitled third album.:

"Rehearsals are finished for the album and we have still to come up with a name for it. We have six new songs and are going to re-record Part 1 but there is only room for five as they all top the ten-minute mark. The album is sounding very dark, sick and heavy so it should be an interesting three weeks in Studio E. Lukasz, the resident Prophecy artist will take care of the album artwork and at this time it is looking like a black-and-white theme to fit in with the general mood of the music and lyrics. During our stay we will be playing a gig on November 6th with our friends MIRROR OF DECEPTION and MANUS MORTIS in a town called Murrhardt (about 50 kms from Ludwigsburg Stuttgart), the venue is the local youth center (called Juze). The album should be out in March next year and an extensive tour to follow."

MOURNING BELOVETH's upcoming CD will be issued through Grau Records, a subsidiary of Prophecy Productions.

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Pain Of Salvation - Background Material On "BE"

Taken from Pain of Salvation website:

"For some time now the lyrics (the extended versions) of "BE" have been available here in the Kingdom. Now you will also find the source material (a long list of literature, links and other material), keywords, points of departure etc. You will also find a lengthy interview with Daniel and, for the first time available, the complete Animae narration as originally written for "BE". Check it out!"

You could find the complete background material on "BE" entering their homepage:

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Pär Lindh - Message To The Fans

A new message was recently posted on the Pär Lindh Project's website:

"Sunday November 7th it was exactly ten years since the first PLP album Gothic Impressions was released on Sunset Boulevard LA in connection with Progfest 1994.
Next week november 18th this legendary CD will be re-released as a new re-edition with new mixing and mastering. Musical parts has been reworked as well with new vocals on two tracks, new drums on one track and lots of new choir has been added.
The booklet has also been extended to a 20 pages full colour deluxe booklet with partly new artwork.
On 4th December we will have a re-release party here in Uppsala. Devoted PLP fans are welcome to participate. Please give us notice beforehand via e-mail if you are interested.

Very best regards

Pär Lindh"

more info on:
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Snakeskin - Message From Tilo Wolff

Taken from Lacrimosa website:

"From the buttom of my heart I want to thank everyone who believed in me and in Snakeskin and with that supported this new side-project, nevertheless the music is very dark and sometimes unpleasant!! This means very much to me as you express therewith how much my music and its contents mean to you!!
And for those who still have prejudice against Snakeskin I hope that you one day will learn that emotional art does not exist in limitations!
I wish you all a beautiful and intensive autumn and for those who live on the other side of the planet
I wish you a beautiful and not too hot summer!
Tilo Wolff"

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Dark Tranquillity - "Character" Track List

Sweden's Dark Tranquillity have revealed the track listing and artwork for their new album, "Character", due in Europe on January 24 and North America on January 25 via Century Media Records. The band recently released an EP, entitled "Lost to Apathy", as a teaser for the upcoming full-length. It includes four songs, a video-clip (for the title track) and a screensaver.

"Character" (view cover here ) track listing:

01. The New Build
02. Through Smudged Lenses
03. Out of Nothing
04. The Endless Feed
05. Lost to Apathy
06. Mind Matters
07. One Thought
08. Dry Run
09. Am I 1?
10. Senses Tied
11. My Negation

Speaking to Portugal's LOUD! magazine recently, Dark Tranquillity frontman Mikael Stanne said about the upcoming CD, "The album is very diverse. There are songs that are heavier, other ones that are much more complex and a couple of others that are really fast. Overall I feel it's more varied and also much angrier, the whole thing just fells different. We wanted to make an album that wasn't that easy… We don't want people to listen to one of our records today and think it sounds great, just to forget about it two weeks later. We tried to do something that sticks with the listener, which they can explore over a long period of time. I personally haven't got tired of it yet, so I think we managed to do it pretty well — we didn't want to be too obvious with this one. It was actually kind of a conscious effort to do it this way… We love music with a progressive edge and we played around with these songs for months, worked every little detail to make it as interesting as possible to play."


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Norther - To Enter Studio For A New EP

According to the official website of the band, Norther will enter Astia Studios in December to record a new, yet unnamed EP, the CD will include 5 songs.

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Lacuna Coil: To begin recording new album

According to a posting on the group's official web site, Italy's LACUNA COIL recently spent time in Milan in pre-production with producer Waldemar Sorychta (TIAMAT, GRIP INC., SAMAEL). The band will soon enter the studio to record the first three songs for their much-anticipated follow-up to 2002's "Comalies". A late 2005 release via Century Media Records is expected.

Source Blabbermouth

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