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Posted by Valentin B, 16.09.2008 - 18:52
really simple question, which out of these do you prefer?

1. metalhead:

you all know this: band shirts, denim, black leather, metal, spikes, chains and of course the gloves of metal.. mostly not crackerjack clothes lmao.

2. gothic:

morbid, somber, mostly black stuff, jewelery, really long coats, huge black boots, generally what a vampire would dress like.

3. regular- regular, crackerjack clothes, the stuff most people would wear.

out of the list i choose regular as i don't wear my band shirts that often, and other than those i have no other accessory that links to metal music

i would have included more options but i know only very few people around here dress other than this. if it's not in those 3 categories, i put an "other" option but remember to still answer the question.



typical metalhead

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Bitch please, I'm fabulous

yeah,fabulous poser that is

Fabulous fat poser

true ... fatty poser he is
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01.01.2017 - 21:22
Bad English
When I was living på jävla Mjölkkudden in Luleå, cool area, status, I hade a tiny room only, place for bad, board and nothing more.
There was chances get wash cloths even like 8 houses shared it, ever day basically
Now I live in fucking Porsön and one house, I need wait maybe 2-3 weeks before I can get a place to wash

I have working clouts, uniform when I am working in Luleå Kommun, when in Boden my own(hardly wash those), same work, boat buildings are close, but in kommun border, so sometimes I am on one and sometimes in another,

In Mjölkkudden I hade all shit in plastic bags, no place, now I have place, closset...

anybody can explain why new washed cloths most t shirts stinks weird? old clouths?
I re washed all what was in bags, what might eb reason, but few stinks again why? I put to wet, humid in the closet? od they are old?
WHY? in winte runless I don't sweat I have one t shirt like 2-3 weeks, un summer 2 days ---
I have no basically nothing to wear, just washed and they have weird smell? not all, but older ones
When I was living whit mother, like years ago, I had loundery room, all was hanging like 2-3 weeks in a wire

I cant do now, I need explanation why ?
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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