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Posted by Valentin B on 16.09.2008 at 18:52
really simple question, which out of these do you prefer?

1. metalhead:

you all know this: band shirts, denim, black leather, metal, spikes, chains and of course the gloves of metal.. mostly not crackerjack clothes lmao.

2. gothic:

morbid, somber, mostly black stuff, jewelery, really long coats, huge black boots, generally what a vampire would dress like.

3. regular- regular, crackerjack clothes, the stuff most people would wear.

out of the list i choose regular as i don't wear my band shirts that often, and other than those i have no other accessory that links to metal music

i would have included more options but i know only very few people around here dress other than this. if it's not in those 3 categories, i put an "other" option but remember to still answer the question.

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yeah,fabulous poser that is

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true ... fatty poser he is
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