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Posted by Troy Killjoy on 14.12.2011 at 23:17
Due to the off-topic conversations in the love thread leading to talks of suicide, depression, angst, anxiety, and the likes...

This is your place to discuss your inner conflicts, share with others or simply give positive advice to people suffering. Reflect on past experiences, post your views on mental illnesses, share stories of family members who suffer from such illnesses - basically just keep it on topic.


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  10.10.2014 at 05:19
I really like what guys discuss and raising the topic problem that is the relevance of the mental ills for the scientific definition. Maybe someday I will prepare and write my post fully all ideas and expression with opinions about the topic. But shortly, to speak now, I can say that "what you consider it as problem, it is problem. If you consider it not as problem and no bother of it, it is not a problem".

Scientific research and scientist observation doesn't mean it's 100% right as rule for everything. It's the research and observation. I have research deep about the such mental illness label branch (which some mentioned above), but above all, all is not 100% right as universal law.. It is not even an illness if that you consider it not as illness or you can cope with it, or you are fine with it. One other thing I been in America, I ve found that Leonardo Dicaprio has mental ill Cameron Diaz has ocd(as I remember), and a lots of other Hollywood star), same some kind of mental Robin Williams.. etc.. in usa there is nothing needed to worry or concerned about, I don't know for Canada but in USA it's not a big problem, just how they deal with it, meds or not, sleep or not..

I've seen some mental illness type is working out physique addiction.. That it is someone looks at the mirror and always see he's not muscle enough, so go to gym all time and after seeing the mirror again, then go to gym more, and more.. I even hope I have that king of complex.. I don think it is an mental ill scientific defines it as a type of mental disorder ( I forgot the correct name of it but you can google). It can be a kind of mental disorder but only on it is considered by scientific method.. The scientist needs to name for their research, they do their business, and the science itself doesn't give anything 100% relevant as universal law.. The thing I would point out from USA case because you need to see and observe and watch, the ppl in Europe can have mental ill and go depressed sad becuz they are considered of being in mental ill, but ppl having it in USA don't fucking care and enjoy life sex sport music awesomely.. The mental ill in vietnam just kill others, they choose not to sad, and considered as schizofrenia by doctors. Some mental in Canada or Nz can be depressed, choosing to love ppl... Blah..I just want to say, in the end it's your inner resource for coping with it and any problem. Or actually for everyone, it's just the mind and head decides things for what can become..

It is very complicated to express what I fully mean, but shortly I would say as above both about the scientific dentition for their work to define mental ill types and the actual fact of them and for ppl mind generally.

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