Megadeth - New Album On The Way, New Song Online

After some line-up changes, Dave Mustaine's Megadeth is back with a new record. If you enjoyed the band's last album Super Collider, prepare for the new one which will be named Dystopia. It is coming out in January 22nd, 2016. As for the music, you won't even have to wait to listen to some of it. You can stream the new song "Fatal Illusion" right away.

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Wolfheart - Shadow World

Lahti, Finland. The bay is quiet in winter. The cold seas echo the bluest of skies. Beneath it all lies the shadow world. Ready to explode, waiting to overthrow its masters. Setting the upper world aflame, for it deserves it.

Wolfheart is the latest of Tuomas Saukkonen's bands, having previously disbanded Before The Dawn, Dawn Of Solace, Black Sun Aeon, and RoutaSielu. The guy has always been busy but consistent in his approach to majestic and direct song writing. Halfway between melodic death metal with folk influences and blackened death metal, this incarnation of Tuomas' writings is very much of the times. Since the excellent Winterborn, Wolfheart has evolved from a one-man project to a full lineup. Tuomas drafted drummer Joonas "Jonttu" Kauppinen from Before The Dawn, guitarist Mika Lammassaari from Eternal Tears Of Sorrow and bassist Lauri Silvonen. Shadow World is the result of their collaboration. What can you expect? Read on my friend.

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