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Band: Sathanas
Album: Necrohymns
Release date: July 2018

01. At The Left Hand Of Satan
02. Of Wrath And Hellfire
03. Throne Of Satan
04. Harbinger Of Death
05. Raise The Flag Of Hell
06. Upon The Wings Of Desecration
07. Sacramentum
08. Witchcult

Spawned into evil about three decades ago, Sathanas are one of the oldest U.S. blackened death/thrash cults, but don't feel ashamed if you had no clue of their existence; this reviewer ignored them too up until very recently. Their 10th full-length album, Necrohymns, is the banger that might just earn them some deserved recognition.

Don't expect anything trendy by the Pennsylvania-based trio. Their sound is pure old-school black/thrash/death of the kind that makes you want to mosh and headbang. Upon initial encounter it comes across as fairly simple but repeated listens will reward you; each additional spin will uncover a tasty riff, a face-melting solo or an inspired break that you hadn't noticed before. Sathanas accomplish seamless transitions between the black metal riffs and the more mid-paced, thrashy grooves. Hellish vocals spit out blasphemous lyrics of pretty obvious content with song titles such as "At The Left Hand Of Satan", "Throne Of Satan" and "Raise The Flag Of Hell"; definitely not original and borderline silly, but quite appropriate and pertinent to the music. The rhythm section's weight will crack your spine and it is tighter than a nun's you know what. The production and the cover art both help emphasise the '80s atmosphere, which always earns extra points from old-fart metalheads like yours truly.

Necrohymns makes its purpose clear from the opening track where the military drumming is succeeded by a frenetic riff until Paul Tucker screams "we are the legions of darkness, we are the legions of death", preparing you for the subsequent demolition. "Harbringer Of Death" is the track that stands out for me because it has these Metallica-styled parts from way back when Metallica wrote good songs. Other highlights include "Raise The Flag Of Hell" with its numerous tempo changes, "Of Wrath And Hellfire" with its infectious groove and the closer, "Witchcult", which will convince you to replay the album from the beginning.

If you're into Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost, Venom, Sarcófago and early Bathory, Necrohymns will treat you well. It's energetic and fierce, authentic and savage, but most importantly it is metal to the core. Get swept away by the cataclysmic hellstorm it induces and make sure you check out the band's back catalogue; it's well worth your time.

"Unholy shadows
Move across the old church
As the black sky
Engulfs the moon"


Written on 16.08.2018 by Only way to feel the noise is when it's good and loud!

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