Cattle Decapitation - Karma.Bloody.Karma
July 2006

01. Intro
02. Unintelligent Design
03. Success Is... (Hanging By The Neck)
04. One Thousand Times Decapitation
05. The Carcass Derrick
06. Total Gore
07. Bereavement
08. Suspended In Coprolite
09. Alone At The Landfill
10. Karma.Bloody.Karma
11. The New Dawn
12. Of Human Pride & Flatulence

Cattle Decapitation has battled their way into the Goregrind scene since 1996; people has misconceived their music and started comparing them with Cannibal Corpse and bands of the like. Fortunately they came back with one of the most outrageous and complex Goregrind albums of 2006; if "Humanure" didn't convince you that Cattle Decapitation is one of the most outstanding acts in the Metal scene, Karma.Bloody.Karma will drill your brain 12 consecutive times while you try to catch up with the multi-faceted execution and the complex songwriting.

This album is the archetype of madness; each song has a life of its own even though the entire album comes wrapped with a conceptual scheme. Yes, the songs have a similar structure, after all this is Goregrind, but the incredibly multi-faceted songwriting comes shining through the whole CD, thus creates a really versatile style with brutality and agression leading the explosive path. Once this album begins there's no turning back, most of the extreme records have a "skip tracks" quality; as the songs deliver a very similar trip, you can easily forward your player to hear just one or two tracks, "Karma.Bloody.Karma" sucker punched us, they created an album with 12 great tracks that you can't miss under any circumstance.

Still there are particular highlights don't get me wrong; after digging up tunes like the super-catchy "The Carcass Derrick" or the insanely brutal "Bereavement" (which asembles perfectly with the old band's vibe) you won't be able to stop the bone-crushing musical assault; then the complexity arrives with "Alone at The Landfill" and "The New Dawn"...so this is a very complete and successful package, you'll get almost everything a Deathgrinder could ask for with something extra to spice things up a little.

A very surprising album I need to say; while their previous efforts used to be somehow gray and a little bland, "Karma.Bloody.Karma" literally kills. I'm sure most of the people who used to fail this band will kick themselves in the mouth as soon as they push play in their stereo.

Best Tracks: "Unintelligent Design", "Karma.Bloody.Karma", "Total Gore?"

Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Band profile: Cattle Decapitation
Album: Karma.Bloody.Karma


written by Herzebeth | 26.02.2007


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Dangerboner - 26.02.2007 at 23:04  
hehe I'm glad you like them now. This is their most technical album, with guitarist Josh Elmore really standing out in particular. Travis Ryan is one of my favorite vocalists because of how naturally deep his voice is. Any fans of death metal should like this album.
dancingdecember - 27.02.2007 at 00:02  
very good band and i love the cover art (if original humanure cover art wasn't better )
spirit_inblack - 27.02.2007 at 01:55  
Really good band and a really good album. Travis Ryan's vocals are insane and he sounds way better than most death metal vocalists.
FOOCK Nam - 27.02.2007 at 10:02  
With this cover, the album can be banned if it is published in some Asian country of devoutness. Though I hope the music will sastify me
Doc Godin - 10.03.2007 at 07:05  
I really like this album, which is saying alot considering I really dislike most Grindcore.
DigitalGrind - 23.09.2007 at 18:21  
Ouuuchhh this fuckin grindcore act kicks some balls and ass, keep listening and suporting grindcore,and these fuckers of course.kvhhhhhhhhh ;]
+{Jonas}+ - 02.02.2008 at 02:31  
I got into this band thansk to this review. And this is the only grindcore band I catually enjoy... Although I don't listen to it at work
Dangerboner - 02.02.2008 at 02:45  
Jesus! It's more death metal than grindcore. But, I'm glad you guys like it.
+{Jonas}+ - 06.02.2008 at 22:31  
Written by Dangerboner on 02.02.2008 at 02:45

Jesus! It's more death metal than grindcore. But, I'm glad you guys like it.

Actually i's kinda ironic and funny, for me, that this guys are vegetarian and support PETA and their lyrics talk alot about animal abuse and that kinda stuff. One thinks a grindcore band is nothink but big pork ribs in BBQ sauce. But it's a great albm and a great band... I don't know IMO they sound a bit different from other grindcore bands...
Boxcar Willy - 20.02.2012 at 02:11  
Written by Dangerboner on 02.02.2008 at 02:45

Jesus! It's more death metal than grindcore. But, I'm glad you guys like it.


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