My Dying Bride - Bring Me Victory review


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Band: My Dying Bride
Album: Bring Me Victory
Release date: October 2009

01. Bring Me Victory
02. Scarborough Fair [traditional English cover]
03. Failure [The Swans cover]
04. Vast Choirs [Live at Graspop Metal Meeting 2008]

My Dying Bride follows its road and it's way to do promotion, which means that you can find a new (or more) EP after or before every new album. This time the title of the new EP of the British doomsters is Bring Me Victory and features three songs (two are covers) and one video shot at Graspop 2008.

The first thing which comes to my mind when I listen to this record is that My Dying Bride wanted to have fun with this EP. They covered one British popular traditional ballad "Scarborough Fair" and a song of the Swans when in general EP give "more" original unreleased songs. The covers are not bad at all, absolutely not in the pure spirit of the Doom Death Metal that MDB uses to play in general but at least that's a bit new if you see what I mean. On the other hand it doesn't give anything special and outstanding too, the songs are cool ok but but not really different of the original versions so will you have to buy the EP just for it and for the video clip of "Bring Me Victory"? I don't think so.

It's impressive however to see how My Dying Bride can be good when it comes to release new products. Even for a EP the packaging is really classy and at least full (a video, a live recording, three songs… that's not so bad after all). Bring Me Victory can be a good buy if you're a die-hard fan of the band but other than that it's in my opinion useless to get this album which don't really give "something else".

You like to do collections? You're in love with My Dying Bride so please have a look to this EP you'll not discover a gold mine but you'll not be disappointed. On the other hand, if you was disappointed by the last releases just pass your turn, you'll not loose anything, though maybe that the cover of a folk songs ("Scarborough Fair") by a Doom Death depressive band can be cool after all. I enjoyed it at least.

Written by Jeff | 21.11.2009



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21.11.2009 - 20:31
Freaky Admin
Wrong copy paste. Fixed.
Come with us to Hellfest 2011!
21.11.2009 - 22:03
Fat & Sassy!
The Swans?

As in Michael Gira's band Swans?
You do you, brozzio.
21.11.2009 - 22:52
Account deleted
Failure my vote is 10 for this song and live the other songs alone! this ep hasnt deserve to be released. (a Butthurt fanboy gah gah gah)
22.11.2009 - 00:11
I wish that these songs were included in the official album For Lies i Sire. I'm not into EP after-releases-try-to-catch-that-new-stuff..
22.11.2009 - 13:27
Merchant of Doom
Pointless EP...
23.11.2009 - 05:28
The Summoner
Scarborough Fair cover sounds interesting
23.11.2009 - 18:04
Account deleted
Written by Guest on 21.11.2009 at 22:52

Failure my vote is 10 for this song and live the other songs alone! this ep hasnt deserve to be released. (a Butthurt fanboy gah gah gah)

oh shit I forgot to count Bring my victory, its a nice song either, and I gave 10 to these 2 songs and 0 for the other too! I watched the video of Bring my Victory today, it was really amazing very nice video.
25.11.2009 - 19:08
proofread free
I enjoyed the covers and as you said they are Cool "just that"
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