Motorjesus - Wheels Of Purgatory review


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Band: Motorjesus
Album: Wheels Of Purgatory
Release date: December 2010

01. Ignition
02. Motor Discipline
03. Fist Of The Dragon
04. King Of The Dead End Road
05. Fuel The Warmachine
06. Hammer Of The Lord
07. West Of Hell
08. Down To Zero
09. Wheels Of Purgatory
10. The Church (Of Booze And Kerosene)
11. The Shadowman
12. Fire 99
13. Electric Rise
14. Old Man

Motorjesus! One look at that name and you already start getting the picture in your head, you already know what to expect. It's another strict rule of metal; if your band name contains "Motor", there's only one type of music you're allowed to play. Obviously it's going to be some form of straight-forward, greasy traditional heavy metal/hard rock, the only question is: Who do they emulate most?

With a name like that, one would expect to hear another Motorhead tribute band a la Black River or Chrome Division, fortunately, we don't have another one of those. Unfortunately, what we get isn't much better. Granted, the Motorhead influences are in there somewhere, but the influences are fairly ambiguous. AC/DC, Manowar, Bon Jovi, Nickelback, Motorhead, Danko Jones - good or bad, they all seem to have their finger prints somewhere on here.

It's all well and good, wholesome hard rock, the only problem lies in, well, you know, the fact that it's pretty fucking boring. It's a pretty fun album at first, some mid-paced rock n' roll, then fun turns to boredom as this album reveals itself as a completely static album. You'd think with a title like Wheels Of Purgatory you would be in for some aggression somewhere, but it never comes. Motorjesus managed to turn an entire album into a one-trick-pony show. Good lord fella's! Pick up the pace or something? I'm looking at my watch for the fifth time in as many minutes, and I've still got four songs left to go! The decent cover of Neil Young's "Old Man" would sound great if we didn't already sit through 13 contrived, self-conscious wannabe arena anthems that have less drive than Grandma behind the wheel.

Wheels Of Purgatory starts off enjoyable, but by the end just begins to sound like your dime-a-dozen jock-rock act fit for nothing but the bar room. Don't bother.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Production: 8


Written on 20.01.2011 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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But the album name just owns!


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