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Title: To Arms!
Favorite bands: Dream Theater, Pain Of Salvation, Adagio, Behemoth, Labyrinth, Angra, Spheric Universe Experience, To-Mera, Megadeth, Týr, Symphony X, Opeth, Stratovarius, Ensiferum, Manticora, Turisas, Metallica, Baroness, Dream Evil, Textures, Cynic, Pagan's Mind, Rhapsody Of Fire, Three, Threshold, Faith No More, Superior, Porcupine Tree, Obscura, Children Of Bodom, Megadeth, After Forever, Emperor, Old Man's Child, Andromeda, Vision Divine, Between The Buried And Me, Circus Maximus, Blind Guardian, Kamelot, X Japan, Saga, Knight Area, Edguy, Evergrey, Firewind, Gamma Ray, Hammerfall, Hypocrisy, King Diamond, Moonsorrow, Sirenia, Shadow Gallery, Transatlantic, Tristania, Twilightning, Avalanch, WarCry, Warmen, Wintersun, Within Temptation, Zonata, Bathory, Arwen, Sonata Arctica, Mägo De Oz, Iced Earth, Redemption, Cloudscape, Echoes, The Flower Kings, Aura, Orphaned Land, Haken, Anthriel, Suspyre, Lost In Thought, Rush, Bad Salad, Wastefall, Oddland, Red Wine, Eternal Tears Of Sorrow, Beardfish, Galneryus, Babymetal, Spock's Beard, Native Construct, Soul Secret
Favorite album: Dream Theater - Images and Words
Favorite song: Dream Theater - Learning To Live
Favorite movies: LOTR,star wars,willow,Pointbreak,braveheart,robin hood,Jim carrey movies
Favorite books: LOTR,Magic The Gathering
Personal text: band i´ve seen live

Dream Theater x 3
Children Of Bodom
Fear Factory
Lizzy Borden
Diablo Swing Orchestra
Porcupine Tree
Kreator x 2
Rata Blanca x 3
Mägo De Oz x 2
Iron Maiden
Dark Funeral
Faith No More
The Mars Volta
After Forever
Gamma Ray
Sonata Arctica
Deep Purple
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Paradise Lost
Roger Waters
Callenish Circle
The Birthday Massacre

Attended events

20.02.2015 MEX, Guadalajara - Between The Buried And Me: Mexican Tour 2015
19.11.2011 MEX, Guadalajara - Hell & Heaven Metal Festival
06.06.2010 MEX, Guadalajara - Therion
11.04.2010 MEX, Guadalajara - Porcupine Tree
08.03.2010 MEX, Guadalajara - Dream Theater: 2010 South American Tour
01.03.2010 MEX, Guadalajara - Metallica: Latin American Tour
01.10.2009 MEX, Guadalajara - Kreator + Exodus: S. American Tour
21.11.2008 MEX, Guadalajara - Rata Blanca
17.08.2008 MEX, Guadalajara - Tarja Turunen: Tormenta En América
21.02.2008 MEX, Guadalajara - Iron Maiden: Somewhere Back In Time World Tour
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  2010 Transatlantic - Whirld Tour 2010 [DVD]
  2009 Redemption - Frozen In The Moment: Live In Atlanta [DVD]
  2003 The Flower Kings - Meet The Flower Kings [DVD]  | 10
  2010 Opeth - In Live Concert At The Royal Albert Hall [DVD]  | 10
  2009 Pagan's Mind - Live Equation [DVD]  | 9
  2009 Adagio - Archangels In Black  | 10
  2009 Pain Of Salvation - Ending Themes: On The Two Deaths Of Pain Of Salvation [DVD]  | 10
  2005 Pain Of Salvation - "BE" (Original Stage Production) [DVD]
  2006 Zero Hour - Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond  | 10
  2008 Zero Hour - Dark Deceiver  | 10

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