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Favorite bands: Solefald, Age Of Silence, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Cadaveria, Peccatum, Ram-Zet, Manes, In The Woods..., Killing Joke, Raunchy, Limbonic Art, ...And Oceans, The Flower Kings, Transatlantic, Immortal, Ayreon, Death, Black Sabbath, Kamelot, Iced Earth, Therion, Symphony X, Anathema, Emperor, Amorphis, Finntroll, Stratovarius, Hypocrisy, Paradise Lost, Enslaved, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Junius, Arcturus, Pain Of Salvation, The Gathering, Graveworm, Strapping Young Lad, Devin Townsend, Alcest, Ihsahn, Saturnus, Borknagar, Masterplan, Samael, Entombed, Edge Of Sanity, Rainbow, Green Carnation, Pain, Vintersorg, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Volbeat, Antimatter, Impetigo, Opeth, Royal Hunt, Star One, Barren Earth, Labyrinth, Amesoeurs, Spiritual Beggars, Sólstafir, The 3rd And The Mortal, Marillion, Artension, Evergrey, Rage Against The Machine, Ulver, Silencer, Root, Empyrium, Ashes You Leave, Autumnblaze, Morgion, Otyg, Kalevala, The Old Dead Tree, Nightingale, Atrox, Misery Inc., Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Sunrise, Byfrost, Sequester, Ghost Machinery, In Mourning, Mirrorthrone, Painted Black, Arkona, Avantasia, Cronian, Macabre, Astral Doors, Phideaux, Pin-Up Went Down, Beardfish
Favorite movies: Kurosawa, Ang Lee, Eastwood, Aronofsky, Fincher, Kusturica, Coen, Coppola, Vlácil, Lang, Tornatore , Chan-wook Park, Nolan, Cameron, Smoljak, Trier, Scorsese, Gondry, Forman, Tarantino, Scott, Redford, Leone, Kubrick, Spielberg, Pollack
Favorite books: Asimov, Baudelair, Blatný, Bondy, Borges, Bradbury, Bukowski, Burgess, Camus, Cave, Crichton, Eco, Ginsberg, Hrabe, Jirous, Kafka, Kant, Kerouack, King, Mann, Murakami Haruki, Niemi, Nietzsche, Orwell, Pelc, Poe E.A., Schopenhauer, Topol

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