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Favorite bands: Nightwish, Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Blind Guardian, Mercenary, Evergrey, Draconian, Communic, Finntroll, Moonsorrow, Orphaned Land, Therion, Hell, Amorphis, Susperia, Dissection, Divinity Destroyed, King Diamond, Equilibrium, Arcturus, Bal-Sagoth, Skyclad, Ghost, Falkenbach, Mercyful Fate
Favorite movies: Braindead, The lord of the rings, Life of Brian, Evil Dead
Personal text: I also have a project making music by computer, Enuma Elis. The program I use is a very very old one, it sounds like crap XD.. mostly the electric guitars, but I take it as a good way to spend my free time. I have started when I was 16 or so, and since then I started liking more and more the composition, not caring too much about the sound or production XD
One of the last things I did:

Style... electronic instrumental symphonic-prog-goth-heavy-black-dark metal XDD When someone asks me I use to say that it sounds just like..bad XD but I think it's a kind of Epic Melancholic Metal, it's faster XD

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20.06.2014 LTU, Varniai - Kilkim Žaibu 2014
27.11.2013 EST, Tallinn - Soilwork: European Infinity Tour 2013
03.10.2013 EST, Tallinn - U.D.O.: Steelhammer Tour 2013
28.06.2013 EST, Vana-Vigala - Hard Rock Laager 2013
04.05.2013 EST, Tallinn - Agalloch: Lucifer Over Europe Tour 2013
01.03.2013 EST, Tallinn - Huntfest
03.08.2012 POR, Vagos - Vagos Open Air
09.12.2011 POR, Braga - Bracara Extreme Fest
05.08.2011 POR, Vagos - Vagos Open Air
07.03.2011 ESP, Vigo - Ragnarok
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