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Created by: tea[m]ster | 08.02.2014

1. Lantlôs - Melting Sun
(post rock/atmospheric/shoegaze) I've liked Herbst since Líam and this keeps that sound rolling with added vox. Gorgeous atmosphere from front to back guided by excellent production. 5.0 -
2. Eden Circus - Marula
(post/alternative) Reminds so much of Soen, Karnivool and Tool. Great writing and production, a terrific sound. Every song is different and has a memorable theme or landmark. Some huge record company better sign these guys. You heard it from me first :) 4.9 ↑
3. Moanaa - Descent
(post metal) This stuff is so good I wrote a review for it. Check it out. 4.9 ↑
4. Fen - Carrion Skies
(atmospheric black) It's a grower, don't give up on it. A more straight-forward approach, simpler song structures and very 'black". The clean vox and production are nice improvements. This is one of my favorite bands on Earth right now. 4.9 ↑
5. Pet Slimmers Of The Year - Fragments Of Uniforms
(post metal) Just dam good instrumental (very sparse vocal content) post metal. Accessible guitar frameworks translate into very notable songs. The layered guitars add some real verve. 4.9 -
6. This Social Coil - After The Day Before
(post rock/alt/indie) Something different, non-metal. I really love this album. Check out my review please. You may be tempted. 4.8 -
7. Allochiria - Omonoia
(post/psychedelic metal) Terrific mixture of post/psychedelic metal and female vox. Obscure Sphinx comparisons are inevitable. Go read R'Vanniths review. 4.8 -
8. Dirge - Hyperion
(post/sludge metal) I wrote a review, please read it :) 4.7 -
9. Irreversible - Surface
(post metal) Check out my review, it would make my day. 4.7 -
10. Falloch - This Island, Our Funeral
(post rock/atmo/folk) I don't wanna give too much away...for REASONS!!! 4.7 ↑
11. Alcest - Shelter
(post rock/shoegaze metal) Is this even metal? Who cares. Beautiful and transient odes by the indistinguishable mastermind Neige. 4.7 ↑
12. Plebeian Grandstand - Lowgazers
(crust punk/grindcore/sludge) Throw black metal, screamo, hardcore, death metal and whatever else you want into this metal potpourri of diabolical madness. 4.6 -
13. Downfall Of Gaia - Aeon Unveils The Thrones Of Decay
(black/crust/post) No spoilers, yet. Stay tuned...ok, I posted a review, check it out. 4.6 -
14. Crib45 - Marching Through The Borderlines
(post/sludge/alt) Very explosive and powerful sludgy/alternative landscapes. Aggressive electronics give off a more industrial feel too. Huge album. 4.6 -
15. Harakiri For The Sky - Aokigahara
(post rock/shoegaze) Austrian 'hipster" black metal. Yes I said it :) This genre is my new fad at the moment and this record is a prime example of the depressing and mournful melancholic compositions these bands are writing . 4.6 ↑
16. Coffinworm - IV.I.VIII
(blackened death/doom) A conundrum of chaotic, dark brutal death metal. Tempo and time changes ensure all these twisted elements compliment and play nice with each other. 4.6 ↑
17. Jakob - Sines
(instrumental post rock/metal) A successful return. Pelican-like prowess and Isis-like mystique rolled into one. They separate themselves in the crowded field because of the production and unique sound structures 4.5
18. Yob - Clearing The Path To Ascend
(sludge/stoner metal) Gigantic record. Monolithic sound. They added a bit of progression and melody this time around. A really solid release. 4.5 -
19. Kerretta - Pirohia
(instrumental post rock/metal) Much like Jakob but their is some really cool use of different instrumentation. Amazing it all works together. 4.5 -
20. Show Me A Dinosaur - Dust
(post rock/metal) Mostly instrumental post rock-ish but it has a few "surprise" moments. Great production on well-written songs. SSDB, but the sound "feels" different. 4.5 ↑
22. Alaskan - Despair, Erosion, Loss
(atmospheric sludge metal) Their best release yet. Notes that create moods of anguish and up lifting, crushing massive walls of sound filled with verve. 4.0 ↓
23. Around The World In 80 Days - Euphoria
(post-something) Russia, again. A bunch of different sounds and it's refreshing. I hear, post, alternative, electronica, indie, sludge...and it's from song to song, not WITHIN the songs. Experimental to say the least. 4.4 ↓
24. Chaos Moon - Resurrection Extract
(atmospheric black metal) Excellent production for a one-man band. I love the desolate mood and atmosphere. 4.5 -
25. Corbeaux - Hit The Head
(instrumental post/atmo metal) Another case of SSDB but I do like it. Soft dynamics embalmed with loud and crushing sections. Heavy, drowned out bass and drum work. 4.1 -
26. Echoes(UK) - The Pursuit
(post metal/sludge/post hardcore) Huge debut record from the UK. Think CoL's crushing bass and wall of guitars, Rosetta's down-tuned melodies and DSHS hardcore vocals. 3.8 ↓
27. Elysion - Someplace Better
(alt rock/gothic metal) Guilty pleasure. Sometimes I need cheesy, radio friendly, over-produced mid-tempo songs. Oh, and her voice is great. 4.3 ↑
28. Fjort - D'Accord
(post hardcore/screamo/crustpunk) Something from this genre I can actually stand ; The vocals are usually the turn-off. Not so here. Delectable riffage and cohesive sound production are additives for success from this little German band. 4.0 -
29. Griefrain - Spring Illusion
(post black metal) Cold and isolated atmosphere much like Fen but the production is a bit more detailed. Bodacious and dramatic, the melodies are pretty original for a genre that's fast becoming universalized. 4.5 -
30. Have A Nice Life - The Unnatural World
(avantgarde/noise/experimental) Hazy, metallic and droning. Versatile shoegazing at its rawest. Very different for me...and addicting. 3.8 -
31. I Wish You Were Here - Observers
(post metal/space rock) Russia does it again. Mix post metal with some post hardcore with some spacey elements = a real tripped out experience to some dense guitar riffs. 4.5 ↑
32. Impure Wilhelmina - Black Honey
(post/sludge/alternative) Sludgy post metal with actual melodies. Clean and harsh vox, nice production. Reminds me of Hum and City Of Ships. 4.5 ↑
33. Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo
(gothic metal) Ever since I heard "Swamped" during the ending credits of "Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines" I have been a huge fan. Not their best release to date maybe their "mystique" is wearing off a bit - it is still solid enough for me. Cristina Scabbia's voice is huge...arena rock huge. Her best performance yet. 4.0 -
34. Last Leaf Down - Fake Lights
(metalgaze) Some of the best shoegaze music I've heard in a while. The production is flawless and the atmosphere stunning. 4.4 ↑
35. Lord Mantis - Death Mask
(sludge/industrial) Loud and heavy but yet precise and a lot of detail. Songs are very memorable and I love the vox. 4.5 -
36. Moonlit Sailor - We Come From Exploding Stars
(post rock) Pure, unique sounding post rock ala GIAA and EITS, you can get all their stuff FOR FREE on their BC page. 3.9 -
37. Mortals - Cursed To See The Future
(sludge/doom/drone) All female outfit playing thick, dense music. The production is great and the aura is monolithic. 4.0 ↓
38. Nasheim - Solens Vemod
(atmospheric black metal) One-man band creating mystifying soundscapes making you feel like you are trudging through a dreamlike timberland. For fans of Fen and the like. 4.3 -
39. Nux Vomica - Nux Vomica
(experimental/post black metal) A really incredulous mixture of genres. Three loooong songs displaying an assortment of sludge, post, punk, black and psych ideas. You will need some serious stamina to trudge through them all. 3.8 -
40. Relic Point - VIXI
(blackened sludge/doom) High quality release from Russia. Song structures are basically all the same but have enough tempo changes to hold your attention. Feel the hatred. 4.2 ↓
41. Rolling Through The Universe - Machines In The Sky
(sludge/doom metal) Loud, drawn out and expansive, this shit from the oaks of the American Northwest is as dreary as their homeland. 4.1 -
42. Schematics For Gravity - Absence Of Weight
(instrumental post rock/metal) Good variety of songs and clean production from this veteran group. Plenty of build ups and atmospheric surprises. 4.5 -
43. Sleepstream - They Flew In Censored Skies
(instrumental post rock) Building on their debut, this post rock band from Greece has all the intangibles to hang with the big boys in the crowded post genre. 4.0 ↓
44. Thaw - Earth Ground
(experimental black metal) My black metal has to be like this. A ton of different elements and ingredients and yet some melody if you listen closely. Poland does it again. 4.4 -
45. The Mire - Glass Cathedrals
(post/prog) Precise mixture of progressive metal's tight compositions and post metal's lush landscapes and aesthetic appeal. Waited 3 years for this. 3.7 -
46. Thou - Heathen
(sludge/doom) Layers of organized guitar fuzz and deep, impenetrable bass and drums lay the ground work for some caustic sludge metal. Beware, it's heavy as fuck. 4.5 ↓
47. Tides Of Man - Young and Courageous
(instrumental post rock) SSDB, but this sticks out in the crammed post-rock crowd, probably because of the shade of prog metal camouflaged in the music. 3.8 -
48. Wayfarer - Children Of The Iron Age
(atmospheric black metal) Underrated and huge year-end surprise. Shit is right up my alley and is exactly the kind of sullen, dark aura I want. Very memorable 4.5 -
49. Winds With Hands - Untitled
(instrumental post metal) Nothing ground breaking but I so love that Isis sound. A soothing semblance of dark, sullen atmosphere reverberates through the music. Plug in, sit back and chill. 4.6 -
50. When Icarus Falls - Circles
(post metal/atmospheric sludge metal) Another CoL clone done very well. This EP has a small but impressive array of songs covering everything from astral moments to dark and haunting riffage to thick bass lines and drums. Hopefully this is a prelude to a huge LP. 3.9 -
51. Whirr - Sway
(post rock/shoegaze) These veterans are back with another sad, gazy romp through gloom-ville . Production is a bit "clearer" this time - it may put off fans. 4.5 -
52. Yarn Of Norna - Ronové
(atmospheric sludge metal) Along with Poland I think Russia is right in the midst of a post metal uprising. I like when bands trend back to that old CoL sound. Nothing fancy but powerful waves of layered guitars, deep bass and a man screaming his head off. 4.0 -

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basquetal - 02.01.2015 at 20:04  
Almost everything in your top 20 list, is post-something. I guess that your favourite music style is post metal/rock hahaha

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