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Created by: Mercurial | 03.01.2019

1. Rosetta - Sower of Wind
[Ambient / Drone - USA - Pelagic Records] - This short, 4 track experimental piece by the post-metal band showcases subtle, but cinematic, audio explorations of drone and ambient atmospherics, themed on ideas spawned from four parts of Utopioid, which is a record I still don't think I've listened to. Anyway it's super chill, and definitely music for headphones late at night. Rosetta might be a post-metal band at heart, but their peripheral outputs have always been a bit more interesting to me - - [ 7 ]
2. Decayos - Apterous
[Technical Experimental Grind + Ambient - USA - Hylopathic Productions] - I like a band where my description of its genre is me basically haphazardly ball-parking it because it's pretty impossible to nail down. Apterous is pretty weird; it's a percussive bulldozer, but it's also atmospheric as fuck with floating riffs that come from outside the cosmos. Thankfully it's one of those rare experimental bands that doesn't sound like it was produced in an outside latrine. Everything comes together, if you let it - - [ 7 ]
3. MZ.412 - Svartmyrkr
[Black Ambient / Death Industrial - Sweden - Cold Spring] - The inventors of the so-named "black ambient" genre have finally returned after 12 years, on the 30th year of their first album too. Rather than the ambient-laden black metal people here are more used to, MZ.412 weave elements of black metal into frightening ambient music. Thick, industrialised atmospherics often belies the occasional banshee shriek or ghostly semblance of riff. It's all very cinematic. Nice to see a band this old on form - - [ 8 ]
4. Embrional - Evil Dead
[Death Metal - Poland - Independent] - I think I used to extol the "weirdness" of this band in previous records, but maybe because death metal got pretty weird in recent years they seem patentely normal these days. The best way to appreciate Embrional is to think of them as a very good, very tight tech-death band that don't overdo the tech part of their sound. There's plenty of surprising song flow on the new one, and as such it's a nice middle ground between the old-school and the nu - - [ 7.5 ]
5. Rashōmon - 病原菌X "Pathogen X"
[Hardcore Punk - Japan - Iron Lung Records] - For a nation built on politeness, punk from Nippon often seems to be really good, even if I don't listen to a whole lot of it. This should keep me going for a while though, even though it's just shy of the 12 minute mark (who wants long punk records anyway). Balls-to-the-anus, super energetic, spot-on production grit and nice anthemic melodies, this is pretty much how I like my old-school hardcore, when I eventually listen to it - - [ 7.5 ]
6. Obed Marsh - Dunwich
[Black / Doom - Australia - Independent] - Pretty safe to say Lovecraft has never been more en vogue than it is these days. Of course nothing is as cool as Bloodborne, but Obed Marsh are pretty damn fine in their own right. Weirdly otherworldly doom, slow doom, with a black metal tentacle wrapping itself around it. The vocals are the most unusual aspect of their sound and need to be heard, but this is atypical doom through and through, both sorrowful and eerily unknowable - - [ 8 ]
7. Leśniewski / Nowacki - Ślęża
[Noise / Drone - Poland - Independent] - Absolutely stellar guitar-based droning noise consisting of one nearly-14 minute long track. It's not quite Yellow Swans-level of beautiful noise, but the feedback layering, improvised jams and ad-hoc backdrop drones make this a highly listenable psychedelic soundscape, rather than a challenging harsh noise wall assault. The ritualistic vocals add an extra dimension which helps ground the music into a pleasantly comfortable hallucinatory state - - [ 8 ]
8. Uluru - Acrophilia
[Instrumental Psychedelic Rock / Metal - Turkey - Tonzonen Records] - Amazingly full-bodied experimental, psychedelic rock from Istanbul. Often I miss the vocals from psych-rock but Uluru clearly don't need them. Borrowing a fair amount from heavy metal and stoner gives it a sturdy base for their sound, on which they pile on the jams to an obscene degree, with hyperbolic melodies and unabashed soloing. Because of the somewhat metallic base the songwriting remains driving, familiar and satisyfing - - [ 8 ]
9. The Body - Whitehorse & The Body [Collaboration]
[Industrial Sludge / Doom / Drone / Noise - Australia / USA - Independent] - I like Whitehorse a lot more than The Body, but thank Ebrietas the banshee shrieks on this collaborative effort are faily well placed: i.e. safely tucked away in the back and gruff growls take much of the limelight. You might be not very surprised to know that this 2 track EP is a pretty fucking hellish nightmare of unrepentant, crushing and dismal music, but there's still "music" hidden in there somewhere - - [ 7 ]
10. Mo'ynoq - Dreaming in a Dead Language
[Black Metal - USA - Independent] - Mo'ynoq are undoubtedly the first killer black metal band release of 2019. I was already impressed by the released single but the full thing is even more than I anticipated. Hyper-dynamic, frenetically paced modern black metal with savvy melody that draws on death metal, most notably much of the extraordinary vocal flair. The true star though is probably the drums; they drive and shape this record to its highs and are absolutely unrelenting - - [ 8 ]
11. Soilwork - Verkligheten
[Melodic Death Metal - Sweden - Nuclear Blast] - Soilwork are the only melodeath band that still matter. Pretty much every other legacy band of the genre have fallen foul of tired songwriting or ill-advised genre changes, but somehow Soilwork are aging like wine. This one is a fair bit more melodic and laid-back than the previous record, but to their credit they sound like they're having a fuck ton of fun on it. Speed's vocals remain the defining factor of the sound. An anachronistic pleasure for me - - [ 8 ]
12. Musmahhu - Reign of the Odious
[Black / Death - Sweden - Iron Bonehead] - It's a Swartadauþuz project which means it's going to be great and probably a wee bit psychedelic (check out Gnipahålan in the mean time). Turns out it is indeed great, and maybe a very tiny bit psychedelic if you feel for it. The occasional use of cyber effects is interesting and works surprisingly well given the tone. Absolutely first rate written, produced and played blackened death metal that's going to be hard to match this year - - [ 8.5 ]
13. RAIC - Multiplicity
[Free Jazz / Black Metal - International - Thirsty Leaves Music] - Lengthy, highly experimental musical exploration featuring an absolute multitude of artists from all over the world. While it predominantly focuses on experimenting with jazz tapestries, it also veers into black metal on a couple of tracks. An interesting dichotomy, and one that works well. Often whimsical, occasionally challenging, it's an all round fascinating experience that's a lot more easily enjoyed than I initially expected - - [ 8 ]
14. Defacement - Deviant
[Atmospheric Blackened Death Metal - Netherlands - Independent] - Ludicrously frantic, tight black / death metal with a penchant for both dissonance as well as suffocating atmospheric production and sounds. This feels like another record that's really driven by its percussion, which is breathless to a fault. While it may employ atonal musicianship, its atmospheric, murky nature balances that out nicely, and it doesn't feel like one of those pointless, songless excercises - - [ 7.5 ]
15. Barshasketh - Barshasketh
[Black Metal - Scotland - W.T.C. Productions / Blut & Eisen Prod.] - While this is lacking some of the oomph and melodic dynamism of Ophidian Henosis, it's hard to really knock Barshasketh as they do the modern black metal sound really quite well, even if undiscovered countries remain thoroughly undiscovered. The self-tltled release is perhaps thinner and dryer in approach. but competent familiarity and adherance to convention can go quite a long way in crafting a solid piece of music - - [ 7 ]
16. Noctambulist - Atmospheres Of Desolation
[Post-Death Metal - USA - Blood Harvest] - Noctambulist are a pretty serious band. This only ended up being like 25 minutes long but it's very serious stuff. Super atmospheric, post-death metal in a very similar vein to Ulcerate's brand. Actually their album title is one of the most fitting I've heard of and does exactly what it says on the tin. Highly technical, fevered songmanship and cutting gruff vocals find a superb balance between the realms of two distinct genres - - [ 8 ]
17. Starless Domain - EOS
[Black Metal - USA - Indepedent] - I suppose the plebby way to describe this would be to compare it to Darkspace, but really it doesn't sound much like them, even if it exists in the slightly ambient-oriented black metal subgenre. This isn't necessarily the most exciting record this year, but I appreciate cosmic black metal bands that don't go in for the saccharine "cosmic" sound that's everywhere. Their approach is far stronger and more immediate, even if the songwriting is somewhat slow-burning - - [ 7.5 ]
18. Helium Horse Fly - Hollowed
[Avant-Garde Metal / Art Rock - Belgium - Independent] - If Virus were an art rock band, this is what they would probably sound like. Compositionally spacious, dark and bleak, it weaves together angular avant-garde metal, indicative of the known greats, with moments of noise rock discord, far-distant brass and quieter, eerie bass-driven lulls. Overseeing all this are near-serene female vocals that are mostly ever so slightly off-kilter, but inviting all the same. Something for the discerning listener - - [ 8.5 ]
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20. /---------------------------------\\ ••• Worth Getting Excited For ••• //---------------------------------\
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22. Kaleikr - Heart Of Lead
[Prog Black / Death - Iceland - Debemur Morti - February 15] - Probably my most anticipated record this year from the track I heard. Thankfully sounds very different to the standard Icelandic band we're used to now -
23. Chimp Spanner - Title TBC
[Ambidjent - UK - TBC] - I dearly love Chimp Spanner, and even though this album was meant to be out years ago I'm holding on to hope it'll see a release this year, as Ortiz has reworked this demo track -
24. Varego - I, Prophetic
[Psych-Sludge - Italy - Argonauta Records - February 15] - I was pretty dead set on them after this one song. Very catchy, anthemic writing, vocals that do it for me and nice trudging sense of psychedelia -
25. Blue Hummingbird on the Left - Atl Tlachinolli
[BTC Black Metal - USA - Nuclear War Now - February 8] - By no means my favourite Black Twilight Circle band, but they are a BTC band, and sound like they've refined their sound, so worth getting excited for -
26. 0N0 - Cloaked Climax Concealed
[Jesu Funeral Doom - Slovakia - Transcending Obscurity - March 3] - Super dense, kind of uncomfortable atmospheric funeral doom with elements of Jesu and the like. Pretty original -
27. Khaotic - The Antithesis
[Black Metal - Brazil - TBA] - One-woman black metal band whose previous recordings gave me some Blut Aus Nord-ian vibes with the epic melodies. Hopefully this will follow suit -
28. Feral Light - Fear Rides A Shadow
[Black Metal - USA - Init Records - February] - Excellent sounding rough 'n' tumble black metal out this year from Feral Light. Great sound and nice bouncy, interesting riff style. Can't say much more than that -
29. Yerûšelem - The Sublime
[Industrial - France - Debemur Morti - February 8] - That guy from Blut Aus Nord is releasing an album that's not Blut Aus Nord. The available songs sound fairly interesting so hype is probably warranted -
30. Ruins Of The Past - Alchemy of Sorrow - Gold
[Melodic Death Doom - Germany - Independent - March 2] - I'm not usually into the melodic side of death doom but these guys sound like they have some legitimately interesting songwriting chops -
31. Jubal - Through Flesh and Bone
[Black Metal / Old School Melodeath - Netherlands - Clandestine Faith - 2019] - I dunno, I just like the sound of this. It's black metal, but it's also kinda Terminal Spirit Disease with its subdued melodies, which is nice -
32. Tunic - Complexion
[Noise-Punk / Rock - Canada - Self Sabotage Records - February 8] - Sort of blurring the lines between hardcore and noise-rock, Tunic have a nice sound. Gritty, sort of psychedelic and very DIY -
33. Vukari - TBA
[Black Metal - USA - Bindrune Recordings - TBA] - New demo track showcases a much less post-black affair than the previous outing, foregrounding a more direct and aggressive sound whilst keeping the sweeping melodies -
34. Oldd Wvrms - Codex Tenebris
[Avant-Garde Doom - Belgium - Cursed Monk Records - February 15] - This band has a sick sound. My guess is some kind of doom, but mired in dark effects, clean guitar and heavily bassy, possibly even slightly avant-garde -
35. Y I Y - Dkvdnt
[Instrumental Prog Black - France - Egregor Records - February 15] - New project of one of the Dysylumn band members. Instrumental, pretty technical prog black. Should be good given Dysylumn's inimitable quality -
36. Ringarë - Under Pale Moon
[Atmospheric Black Metal - USA - Iron Bonehead - 2019] - Slightly Fen-ish, high quality atmospheric black metal that sounds like it'll avoid the cascadian cheese of many US bands. Nice present bass sound too -
37. Devil Master - Satan Spits on Children of Light
[Punky Black Metal - USA - Relapse - March 1] - Riotously fun old-school punk / heavy laden black metal. Digging that beefy but slightly wobbly production and guitar tone as well -
38. Deaf Center - Low Distance
Modern Classical / Ambient - Norway - Sonic Pieces - March] - Owl Splinters is easily one of my most played records of all time so Deaf Center announcing a new album is also going to excite the fuck out of me -
39. Akrotheism - Law of Seven Deaths
[Black Metal - Greece - Osmose Productions - March 29] - It's another big, murky and dissonant sounding black metal release. Does sounds pretty good though and could have the chops to stand out against others -

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10.01.2019 - 18:01
Written by RaduP on 10.01.2019 at 17:27

The new Backstreet Boys?

Backstreet's Back. But no, some sort of alternative / nu metal thing.
11.01.2019 - 15:40
Amatsu Mikaboshi
You know me, I'm still wading in the swamp of dopamine induced art that is your last list before this but I'm hypnotised by the art first. I hope the first two live up to their artworks outergodamn. Least worst wishes as always (for everyone on this chat and MS).
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You know me, I'm still wading in the swamp of dopamine induced art that is your last list before this but I'm hypnotised by the art first. I hope the first two live up to their artworks outergodamn. Least worst wishes as always (for everyone on this chat and MS).

I'm probably gonna do a separate link on here somewhere to an image sharing thing where I'll store all the nice art I'm saving in a folder. [edit] ok added one
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Joey boy please explain your title, it's got me confused. Nice list though, only one I've checked thus far is the new Soilwork which I'm a big fan of, but I'm sure I'll get through the others at some point.
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Joey boy please explain your title, it's got me confused. Nice list though, only one I've checked thus far is the new Soilwork which I'm a big fan of, but I'm sure I'll get through the others at some point.

Lolol, there's no real logic to the title, other than it's a good line from Time Bandits and I'm sticking to film baddie avatars (David Warner is a beast, and also did the voice of the antagonist in Baldurs Gate II).

Didn't peg you as much of a Soilwork fan fsr, it's a nice listen though.

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