The end of March has been damn good. I intend on keeping this list at 50 releases but may wait to start cutting it down until the end of the year.

Created by: Neachy | 06.02.2020

1. Jordablod - The Cabinet Of Numinous Song
(9) (Experimental Black) After many listens it finally dawned on me what this reminds me of. Originally I thought Negative Plane but that's not quite it. Gin-era Cobalt mixed with Horseback's The Invisible Mountain. Black metal at its core, with psychedelic and surf rock tendencies and a definite western motif. Acoustic, ambient and droney sections mellow things out from time to time.
2. Dodenbezweerder - Vrees De Toorn Van De Wezens Verscholen Achter Majestueuze Vleugels
(8.5) (Black/Dark Ambient) Yet another project from the prolifically demented mind of Mories. This is my favorite thing I've heard from him in quite some time. Leans away from the noise and industrial stuff he's been doing lately in favor of very raw black metal infused with a perfect amount of dark ambient.
3. Amnutseba - Emanatism
(8.5) (Black) I have a soft spot for French black metal. This is very "modern" bm. Dissonant with occasional industrial and electronic elements. Influence of DsO and BaN is present but what does that even mean anymore? This is good shit.
4. Turia - Degen Van Licht
(8.5) (Atmospheric Black) After hearing the 2 tracks that were released early, I was ready to throw a 9 on this. Unfortunately, the other tracks aren't nearly as good as those 2. The album as a whole is a bit too samey throughout to push this album to the next level. On my first listen of the full album I basically forgot I was listening to it by the time it was over. Which usually isnt the sign of an elite album. Excellent production but the songwriting leaves a bit to be desired.
5. On Thorns I Lay - Threnos
(8) (Melodic Death Doom) Never heard (of) this band before. Band name is terrible but the music is fantastic.
6. Lychgate - Also Sprach Futura
(8) (Black/Doom) Far and away the best thing I've heard from this project which is surprising given the presence of Greg Chandler (would have thought I would have enjoyed the previous material a lot more).
7. Drown - Subaqueous
(8) Funeral Doom/Post
8. Black Flux - Black Stream
(8) Black
9. Dark Fortress - Spectres From The Old World
(8) Black
10. Black Vice - The Alchemist's Vision
(8) Psychedelic Post Black
11. The Ruins Of Beverast - Don't Walk On The Mass Graves [Split]
(8) Blackened Doom
12. Atavisma - Atavisma/Void Rot [Split]
(8) Death Doom
13. Ævangelist - Nightmarecatcher
(7.5) Ambient Blackened Death
14. Igorrr - Spirituality And Distortion
(7.5) Breakcore
15. Aethyrick - Gnosis
(7.5) Black
16. Warp Chamber - Implements Of Excruciation
(7.5) Death
17. Death. Void. Terror. - To The Great Monolith II
(7.5) Dissonant Black/Doom
18. Wardaemonic - Acts Of Repentance
(7.5) Black
19. Konvent - Puritan Masochism
(7.5) Death Doom
20. Solothus - Realm Of Ash And Blood
(7.5) Doom/Death
21. Leeched - To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse
(7.5) Metalcore
22. Dragged Into Sunlight - Terminal Aggressor II
(7.5) Dark Ambient/Blackened Death
23. Nox Formulae - Drakon Darshan Satan
(7.5) Black
24. Spectral Lore - Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine [Collaboration]
(7.5) Atmospheric Black
25. Regarde Les Hommes Tomber - Ascension
(7.5) Black/Post-Metal
26. Vengeful Spectre - Vengeful Spectre
(7.5) Black/Chinese Folk

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09.02.2020 - 21:47
Pain in the ass
Pretty much what I have been listening to as well and I agree with the placings but I would subtract 2 from all scores. Feb 14 promises goodies - Turia, Ensnared, Necrowretch and Godthrymm. Good list so far...
"Every night, full of drugs and liquor, I see, floating above my bed, the Devil.
This woman in white dress, Satan Herself.
She's beautiful. She's there for me. Translucent.
I'm in love with her."
09.02.2020 - 22:28
Written by LuciferOfGayness on 09.02.2020 at 21:47

Pretty much what I have been listening to as well and I agree with the placings but I would subtract 2 from all scores. Feb 14 promises goodies - Turia, Ensnared, Necrowretch and Godthrymm. Good list so far...

I went ahead and preordered the Turia album on bandcamp. Sounds like it should be top notch. The other 3 could be interesting as well... I was ambivalent on Jordablod the first time I heard it but I was drawn back again and again. It's a damn fine album but suspect Turia may overtake it.
13.02.2020 - 20:12
Have an eye on this. Sounds very promising :
Giving my ears a rest from music.
13.03.2020 - 04:47
When I first heard Gloosh - Timewheel I was impressed by the first song but after that it didn't click for me. I'll have to give the album another shot. So far we share Jordablod and Ygg on our list and I wrote down Drown to try out more of the album. Well my list doesn't exist yet but will soon enough. Maybe in a few days or in a couple of weeks.
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