Neptunian Maximalism

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Also known as NNMM

Country: Italy
Label: I, Voidhanger Records
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Formed in: 2018

2018- Drone metal
2018- Experimental
2018- Jazz
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2018-  Jean Jacques Duerinckx - saxophone
2018-  Guillaume Cazalet - bass, guitars, synthesizers
2018-  Pierre Arese - drums, percussion
2018-  Sebastien Schmit - drums, gong
2019-  Alice Thiel - guitars, synthesizers
2019-  Romain Martini - guitars
2019-  Reshma Goolamy - bass
2019-  Joaquin Bermudez - saz, setar
2020-  Stephane Fedele - drums
2020-  Lukas Bouchenot - drums

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This is a massive triple disc two hour long jazz album dripped in tribal psychedelia. Enter at your own risk.   Review by RaduP ››

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