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Gutted - 1996 - 2013 Tape Collection [Boxset]

Release date: 28 July 2017
Style: Brutal death metal, Grindcore

Disc I [Tape I - Defiled]
01. Orgasm Through Her Entrails
02. Total Lack Of Parental Care
03. Purify By Suicide
04. Chisel In The Head Of A Human Female
05. Indeterminably Depraved Soul
06. She's Dead For 6 Months...But I Love Her
07. Harbinger
08. A Man Drawn Around Me
09. Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions
10. The Excriment Has Taken His Life

Disc II [Tape II - Human Race Deserves To Die]
01. Dreadful Stories From The Past
02. An Unknown Killer Amongst The Homeless Ones
03. Unmoral Behaving With A Headless Child
04. ...The Dark Comes Out...
05. Manifestation Of Concealed Hate
06. A Momentary Evaporating Vision
07. Nine Men, A Woman And The Poor Little Boy
08. Demonstrate The Insensibility
09. Defilement Of A Married Life

Disc III [Tape II - Mankind Carries The Seeds Of Hell]
01. As The Sun Paints Everything Black
02. Memory Devourer
03. Lurking In The Shadow
04. When The Gods Are Not Creating
05. World Of Mine
06. Souls Of The Raped Children
07. Take Them To Hell's Fire
08. The Fountain

Disc IV [Tape IV - Demo Collection]
01. Open Your Veins
02. Underground Orgy
03. Nutritious Way Of Life
04. Symbiosis With A Disease
05. Intro / Strange Graveyard Scene
06. Total Lack Of Parental Care
07. Meaningless Vagina Widening
08. Human Shit - Collapse Of Individual Hygiene
09. She's Dead For Six Months But I Love Her
10. Chisel In A Head Of Human Female
11. Slowly Bleeding Sexual Emotions
12. Indeterminably Depraved Soul
13. Intro: Chaos Of Beggining
14. Cosmos Of Humans
15. Fades Away

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