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Evanescence - The Bitter Truth

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Release date: 26 March 2021
Style: Alternative rock, Alternative metal


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01. Artifact/The Turn
02. Broken Pieces Shine
03. The Game Is Over
04. Yeah Right
05. Feeding The Dark
06. Wasted On You
07. Better Without You
08. Use My Voice
09. Take Cover
10. Far From Heaven
11. Part Of Me
12. Blind Belief
13. Cruel Summer [Bananarama cover] [live from Home] [Target Exclusive and Japanese Edition bonus]
14. The Chain [Fleetwood Mac cover] [Target Exclusive and Japanese Edition bonus]

Amy Lee - vocals, piano, keyboards
Troy McLawhorn - guitars
Jen Majura - guitars
Will Hunt - drums
Tim McCord - bass

Additional info
The album is the band's first in more than three years, following 2017's Synthesis, as well as their first album of all-new material since their self-titled third album.

Staff review by
omne metallum
Why does the cover art give me Marshmello vibes?

published 03.04.2021 | Comments (10)

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14.03.2021 - 19:17
Rafael Cevidanes
Account deleted
I used to be a big Evanescence fan because of their excellent The Open Door album, I've always found Fallen to be a commercial female version of some of Linkin Park's works. The Open Door was a disc that brought something very unique in music, an almost perfect combination of baroque pop, goth-inspired rock, some pitches of symphonic metal and electronic music. Its follower showed very little of that originality but had some very good highlights, like The Change, Erase This, Lost in Paradise, Sick, End of the Dream, Oceans and Never Go Back. On this one, however, based on the singles released so far I feel nothing, there's an extreme lack of personality, they sound so childish in their lyrical content and they offer nothing in terms of instrumentality. Jen Majura and Will Hunt couldn't be more under-exploited and everything doesn't sound like it was worth any of the years waiting for new material in this last decade since the self-titled. There are tons of other groups doing this exact same sound, in a much more mastered level. Evanescence adopted the same pathetic behavior that Within Temptation has done, banning people from their official pages just because they can't stand any criticism, even if respectful. They banned me for these exact words and after all, I am happy to know I'm not losing much from this band that has gone full dull. Good luck to the fans.
18.03.2021 - 04:25
Night Theater

The artwork is terrible and the music so far has been really dull and disappointing.
18.03.2021 - 23:34

Just listened to this. Funny thing that this actually sounds better than the last Within Temptation album. But still very very very dull.

I still revisit Origin, earlier demo's and even Fallen, which really quality gothic rock, that got me into heavier music. But after Ben left, the songs just lack any songwriting talent.
the riddle wants to be...
20.03.2021 - 05:08
Rafael Cevidanes
Account deleted
Sometimes I feel like that since Amy Lee and Sharon den Adel met and promised a tour together, they kind of made a deal to make crappy music to suit the gig, because it's incredible, now that you've mentioned it, how this album sounds similar to what Resist was to Within Temptation - pure crap.
04.04.2021 - 11:39
Rating: 8

Written by annodomini on 18.03.2021 at 23:34

Funny thing that this actually sounds better than the last Within Temptation album.

World won't end today - it's already tomorrow in Australia.
24.01.2023 - 17:34
Rating: 7
Almost 2 years from its very release, this album has been growing in me a lot. Highlights definitely are Broken Pieces Shine, The Game is Over, Feeding the Dark, Better Without You and Part of Me. The rest is minimally listenable (like Use My Voice, Far from Heaven and Blind Belief) or highly disposable or adds nothing to their career. A terrible follow-up to the self-titled, which already was a very bad successor to the magnificent The Open Door.
25.01.2023 - 06:53
Rating: 7
I wonder why Evanescence cannot be featured here. Pure metal elitism? A lot, like A LOT, other "truly metal" bands have recognized Amy Lee's group as one of theirs, even for the most commercial purposes. A few names: Motörhead, My Dying Bride, Lacrimosa, Korn, among others. I'm very aware many of their songs are not even "rock", just a mix of electronica and classical music passages, but come on! There are tons of other non-metal acts featured here. This is quite arbitrary.

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