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2004-  Umar Khan - vocals
2020-  Zul - guitars, bass
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2004-2008  Sean Harrison - bass
2004-2010  Vijesh Ghariwala - drums
2004-2015  Kadir Alsagoff - guitars, backing vocals
2008-2013  Ridhuan Syah - bass
2009-2011  Morgan Johann Lee - guitars
2010-2012  Fauzt - drums
2012-2020  Bryan Gan - guitars
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2021-  Krzysztof Klingbein - drums

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Oshiego is a young band from Singapore. Yeah Singapore, you're not dreaming, a country which has a strong Metal scene with a big fan base actually. "Now Suffer" is the first release of the combo. For a first Demo, I have to say that it's...
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