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2005-2011  Olof Wikstrand - vocals
› 2011-  -//- guitars, vocals
2006-  Jonas Wikstrand - drums
2018-  Jonathan Nordwall - guitars
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2006-2011  Adam Zaars - guitar
2007  Jakob Ljungberg - drums
2007-2008  Joseph Tholl - bass, guitars
› 2008-2018  -//- guitars
2008-2021  Tobias Lindqvist - bass
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2019  Jonny Nesta - guitars
2019  Chase Becker - bass

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Coming off the back of From Beyond, Enforcer were a band very much on the up, reaping the rewards of a slow-burning career up to that point that finally caught aflame and allowed their star to burn bright. From humble beginnings through the modest success of "Katana" and the consistent improvements with each subsequent venture to what is (at this time anyway) their crowning moment in From Beyond, any follow-up had a hell of an act and reputation to live up to. This in a sense proved to be a weight of expectation that would crush the eventual follow-up Zenith, putting the band in a position that they (admirably) try to control but ultimately get overwhelmed by.   Review by omne metallum ››

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