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Holy Grail

88 fans
Also known as Sorcerer(08)

Country: USA
Labels: Prosthetic Records
Nuclear Blast Records

Links: Official website

Formed in: 2008

2008- Heavy metal
2008- Power metal


2008-  James-Paul Luna - vocals
2008-  Eli Santana - guitars, vocals
2008-  Tyler Meahl - drums
2008-  Blake Mount - bass
2011-  Alex Lee - guitars
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2008-2010  James J. LaRue - guitars
2010-2011  Ian Scott - guitars
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Latest reviews

Holy Grail crashed through the stained glass walls of modern power metal on a mighty dragon back in 2010, loosing in a wave of molten fire one of the best albums of the century thus far. Ride The Void unfortunately failed to capitalize on that success, neglecting to recapture the dominating spirit and infectious songwriting of its predecessor. Album #3 often serves as a "make-or-break" indicator, and with Times Of Pride And Peril, Holy Grail have viciously stamped their hopes for longevity on the throats and soft underbellies of any who would doubt them.   Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››

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