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Country: Canada
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 2007

2007-Thrash metal
2007-Speed metal
2007-Heavy metal


2007-  Dan Cleary - vocals
2013-  Timothy Brown - guitars
2019-  Pete Klassen - bass, backing vocals
2020-  Jonathan Webster - drums
2022-  John Simon Fallon - guitars
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2007-2008  Tyson Travnik - drums
2007-2008  Dave Grafton - bass
2007-2013  Ian Sandercock - guitars
2007-2014  Chris Segger - guitars
› 2017-2022  -//-
2008-2010  Magnus Burdeniuk - drums
2008-2014  Dave Arnold - bass
2010-2019  Adam Brown - drums
2014-2019  Wild Bill - bass
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2016  Randy Black - drums
› 2018  -//-
2012  Ian Chains - bass
2016-2017  John Simon Fallon - guitars
2016  Brandon Ellis - guitars
2017  John Simon Fallon - guitar solo

Latest reviews

The opening track of Striker's self-titled fifth album tells of a return to former glory, that of the band or the vocalist or the same ambiguous subject of every metal song sung in the first person for no particular reason. Striker might struggle harder against the bonds of mediocrity than did Stand In The Fire, but to the extent Striker ever possessed anything so magnificent as "glory," this album hardly represents a return to it. Rather, the opposite.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
METAAAAAL ? that's all - thanks for reading my review - THE END.

Seriously, if it wouldn't be for the 250 word minimum, the above sentence would have wrapped up my thoughts on Striker's sophomore album Armed To The Teeth.

Call them retro...
Review by D.T. Metal ››
The revival of retro Eighties thrash has been well documented over the last couple of years. But what seems to go on unnoticed and what is almost as big, or maybe even bigger, a revival is that of "true" Eighties heavy metal, with such bands...
Review by Marcel Hubregtse ››

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