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Stoned Jesus


2009-  Igor Sydorenko - vocals, guitars
2011-  Sergii Sliusar - bass, vocals
2017-  Dmitry Zinchenko - drums
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2009-2010  Alexandr - drums
2009-2010  Nikolay - bass
2011-2013  Vadim Matyko - drums
2013-2017  Viktor Kondratov - drums
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2010  Nick Kobold - bass
2010  Alex EphirZ - drums

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This is it. This is Stoned Jesus' first album since their country was invaded.
Review by RaduP ››
You may know Stoned Jesus as that band who plays that "I'm The Mountain" song you found on YouTube. Even my non-metalhead friends know that song, so Stoned Jesus are obviously mainstream. But here on their 4th album, they try to expand their sound a bit from the usual stoner rock.
Review by RaduP ››

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