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Marcin Urbaś


1998-2000 Sceptic - vocals  

Studio musician

2004- Sceptic - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 17.09.1976

Born 17.09.1976 in Krakow, he's a Polish athlete running distance 200 m. The medals of Indoor Championships Europe belong to his largest successes-gold medal in Vienna (2002), brown medal in Madrid (2005). Moreover he was a finalist of the world cup in 1999. The silver medal of Championships Europe won in Munich (2002) in the composition of the relay sprints 4x100 m. He represented Poland in the Europe Cup many times, he won competition 200m in 1999, he was second in 2002 and 2004 and third place in 2001 contributed to conquest the Cup by the Polish team. Despite his successes in athletics he was connected with Polish technical death metal band Sceptic. In years 1998-2000/2004 he was the vocalist of Sceptic. He recorded with Sceptic the album "Blind Existence" and played with the band in many concerts. In 2000 he left the band because he decided to develop his sport career. In 2003 as a guest musician in Sceptic he recorded with the band their next album "Unbeliever's Script". On the next album "Internal Complexity" he recorded only two songs:"Paralized, Mesmerized" and "Those Who Remember", main vocals were recorded by Weronika Zbieg from Totem.