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Shane Embury


1986-1990 Unseen Terror - drums  
1987- Napalm Death - bass  
1989- Brujeria - guitars (as Hongo)  
1993-1999 Meathook Seed - bass  
1998- Lock Up - bass  
2004- Venomous Concept - guitars  
2004- Insidious Disease - bass  
2006- Absolute Power - bass  
2011- War Of The Second Dragon - bass  
2012- Bent Sea - bass  
2013- Tronos - vocals, guitars  
2013- Menace - bass (as Erebus)  
2014-2016 Liquid Graveyard - bass  
2016- Hicks Kinison - bass  
2018- Born To Murder The World - bass, guitars  

Live musician

2004-2006 Anaal Nathrakh - bass  
2012 Anaal Nathrakh - bass  

Guest musician

1989 S.O.B. - bass  
1992 Cerebral Fix - vocals  
2003 Nasum - bass  
2006-2007 Anaal Nathrakh - bass (as Shane "Embryonomous" Embury)  
2008 Sigh - bass  
2016 Claustrofobia - vocals  


02.10.2003 Napalm Death

Personal information

Also known as: Hongo
Born on: 27.11.1967


Shane Embury (born 27 November 1967 in Broseley, Shropshire) is a British musician. Shane plays bass guitar in Napalm Death and is the closest person to be called an 'original member' of the band. He is the only member left who has been on the band since the Scum tour. He replaced Jim Whitley on bass. Before joining, he played bass in a death metal band called Azagthoth with Pete Giles, who would later play with him on Unseen Terror in which he played the drums. His first band was called Warhammer (again with Pete Giles) and they released a demo called Abbatoir of Death.
He has a long list of side projects. Besides playing with Napalm Death, Shane had the grindcore band Unseen Terror with members of Heresy, a hardcore/metal band called 'Blood from the Soul' with Lou Koller from New York's Sick of it All, an industrial band with Mitch Harris and some Obituary members called Meathook Seed, an unconventional band called Malformed Earthborn with Brutal Truth's bass player Dan Lilker, Lock Up and Brujeria, which is a Mexican death metal project with members of Fear Factory and Faith No More among others. Embury is also playing with his Napalm Death bandmate Danny Herrera, Kevin Sharp (Brutal Truth) and Danny Lilker (Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth) in the band Venomous Concept. He has recently toured with UK black metal/grindcore band Anaal Nathrakh.
He has recently resurrected a musical project called Absolute Power which he started in 2000, it features as of yet unnamed "celebrity" guests.
He lives with his wife in Birmingham, England, and loves horror and science fiction books, movies and comics.
As for 2009, Embury's both arms are tattooed including the ND logo and the "Life?" image on his left arm