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Dallas Toler-Wade


1996-2017 Nile - bass, guitars, vocals  
2004-2006 Lecherous Nocturne - drums  
2011- Narcotic Wasteland - guitars, vocals  

Live musician

2022 Imperium - guitars  

Guest musician

2004 Karl Sanders - vocals  
2014 Hideous Divinity - vocals  
2015 Slaughter The Prophets - guitars  
2015 George Kollias - guitars  
2017 In-Defilade - guitars  
2018 Nihilo - vocals  
2019 Warforged - vocals  
2019 Invicta - guitar solo  
2021 Infitar - guitars  
2021 Marasmus - guitar solo  
2022 Antropofagus - backing vocals  
2022 Darkreverie - backing vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 06.06.1974


Dallas Toler-Wade is the vocalist/guitarist from the Egyptian-themed death metal band Nile. He and his fellow guitarist in Nile, Karl Sanders, are known for their extremely fast and technical guitar work. Dallas is endorsed by Dean Guitars. His primary models are a white Dean V and a cherry Sunburst Dean V with Seymour Duncan Invader pickups. He also has been seen recently with a KxK custom guitar the resembles a Dean ML. Like Karl Sanders, he uses Marshall Amplification

Alongside Strapping Young Lad's Devin Townsend and Cryptopsy's Alex Auburn, he has one of death metal's most famous Skullets.