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Mark Hunter


1998-2014 Chimaira - vocals  

Live musician

2022 Lamb Of God - vocals  

Guest musician

2004-2005 STEMM - vocals  
2007 Forever In Terror - vocals  
2009 Eyeless (FRA) - vocals  
2012 Excellent Cadaver - vocals  
2015 WretchedPain - vocals  
2016 Without Mercy - vocals  
2021 Murkocet - vocals  
2024 Ingested - vocals  


21.08.2013 Chimaira

Personal information

Born on: 26.05.1977


Mark Hunter (born May 26, 1977) is the lead vocalist and songwriter for the metal band Chimaira. Hunter co-founded the band with original Chimaira guitarist Jason Hager. He also produced The Impossibility of Reason with the help of Rob Arnold, and co-produced the album Chimaira with Ben Schigel. He is 6'1".

Hunter's lyrics deal with personal experiences along with some songs about movies. On The Impossibility of Reason he sings about the movie The Shining on the track "Pictures In The Gold Room" on Chimaira the song "Bloodlust" is based on the movie for American Psycho

Although not mentioned in the album inlay credits, he has played guitar for all Chimaira releases to date.

Mark Hunter also was the guitarist and vocalist for Cleveland hardcore band Skipline along with producer Ben Schigel and bassist Jim LaMarca. LaMarca also plays bass for Hunter's "Stoner Rock" band High Point. Hunter also has a joke power metal band with Ben Schigel and Andols Herrick named "The Demonic Knights Of Aberosh"