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Warrior Soul - Biography

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A politically fuelled monster of a band. WARRIOR SOUL, titled after a quote from General George S. Patton, debuted in 1990 with the much vaunted 'Last Decade Dead Century' album. Singer KORY CLARKE was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and had joined a Punk outfit called L-Seven, a band that also included individuals who would go on to form the "Laughing Hyenas". Clarke relocated to Los Angeles fronting an act entitled THE TRIAL before moving to New York to play with Raging Slab, as a drummer, and Delight for short terms.

The band hit the scene in New York City right before '90s grunge. Coming of age during the presidency of the first George Bush, many of its songs were politically based, from the prescient "In Conclusion" to the call to arms, "Children of the Winter."

The term "Acid Punk": was coined to explain the hard driving trippy sound that was Warrior Soul,particularly the Space Age Playboys album, co-written by XFactor,Pete and Kory .

The critical acclaim that accompanied the band never translated to the record sales most predicted and despite recognition by peers,including Lars from Mettalica who had been quoted as saying Space Age Playboys was his favorite album,the group ultimately disbanded in 1995 leaving the promise of this new sound unfulfilled.

Odds & Ends was released the next year as a posthumous collection of demos and outtakes. 8 Track recordings produced by X-Factor, Christopher Moffett see: Cycle Sluts From Hell and Kory Clarke providing the basis of this record. Also in 1996 Kory Clarke went on to found a short lived band called Space Age Playboys. Kory Clarke then became the lead singer of Dirty Rig. Mark Evans, the band's drummer for three of their albums, was murdered in London, UK in 2005.

X-Factor went on to form the band Truth which toured Europe with a new sound that mixed dance with rock with X-Factor as vocalist, guitarist and DJ.

Following the re-release of the band's first five albums on in 2006, Clarke reformed Warrior Soul for a UK tour in March 2007, using long time musician friends from England and Sweden. Work has begun on a new Warrior Soul album and a live album taken from the band's October UK tour. (This was released in mid 2007) Clarke has since been announced as the new lead singer of Trouble as of May 2, 2008, according to Trouble's website.

The band released a limited edition studio album titled "Chinese Democracy" in October of 2008, just a month before the long-awaited and much hyped Guns 'n Roses album of the same name was due for its release. The band shortly re-named the album "...And We Rock and Roll" and began to print more copies.

Late 2008 saw a lauded set at the 2nd incarnation of Hard Rock Hell, in North Wales, with the large room over capacity when the band play, rendering the opposing Hawkwind show on the next stage virtually unattended. Kerrang! magazine reviewed the show as KKKKK (5 Ks)

December 2008 also saw the band return to large indoor stages, with shows at the Shepherds Bush Empire, London, and the Academy Glasgow.

2009 plans are set to include re-issues of the classic Warrior Soul work on vinyl, as well as an expansive European tour to support the release of "...And We Rock and Roll"