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Spice and the RJ Band is the name of a exciting band featuring vocalist/songwriter Spice (Kayser, ex-Spiritual Beggars) and drummer Bob Ruben (Kayser, ex-The Mushroom River Band). The band released it's debut album "The Will" in October 2007 on Scarlet Records. The band is driven by Spice's insane passion for '70s psychedelic/soul/blues/hard rock sound that never disappeared during all those years. In february 2009 they released their sophomore album "Shave Your Fear".

Hey there, Fed up with always having to compromise with my music and other stuff that comes along when your are in a band, I started this solo band in 2006. First 2 albums ("The Will" and "Shave Your Fear") went under the name of SPICE and THE RJ BAND. The name was a last minute call. This time around I have changed it to BAND OF SPICE. Same people in the band, Bob Ruben(also in KAYSER) on drums, Johann on bass + new recruit Anders Linusson(ex THE MUSHROOM RIVER BAND) on Rhythm Guitar. The new album is called "FEEL LIKE COMING HOME" and consists of 11 songs within a wide range of Rock and Roll.

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