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Appeared on 2009 demo, 2011 debut album, through to 2014 on tours/promotional material


Eumeria is a multi-national Progressive Metal band, formed in 2009 by American keyboardist Bobby Williamson, and British musicians Jonny Tatum (vocals) and Reece Fullwood (guitars). The band name is rumored to be derived from a cross between the words "Europe" and "America".

Eumeria began as a solo project by Bobby Williamson (Outworld and Thought Chamber), as he had planned to hire various singers and musicians to play on the album. However, after Williamson heard the initial demo tracks laid down by Jonny Tatum (Timefall) and Reece Fullwood, he realized that something more important was about to be born. Williamson, along with Tatum and Fullwood, agreed to scratch the "project" idea, and move forward as a fully operational band with dedicated members. Shawn Kascak, former Outworld bandmate of Williamson's, was selected to play bass guitar, while Adam Sagan, formerly of Into Eternity, was picked to be the drummer.

The recordings for the debut album began at Origin Sound studio in Texas, but Williamson, Tatum and Fullwood didn't feel the drumming by Sagan was a perfect match for the style of song material. The decision was made to obtain the right drummer for the band and replace the drum tracks. Kevin Bartlett (Anubis), a local friend of Fullwood's, stepped into the drummer position rather quickly. In 2010, Bartlett began recording all drum tracks at The Smash Room studio in Telford, England. During this time, Kascak injured his right hand and was only able to record bass guitar on two tracks. Eumeria hired Derek Blakley (Haji's Kitchen) and Michael Millsap (Six Minute Century) to step in and help out with the bass guitar duties until Kascak's hand healed.

2011 saw the unveiling of Eumeria's debut album Rebel Mind (mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen). Although the band had several record deal offers, they chose to take a more independent approach to market and distribute their music via the latest digital technologies available on the internet. The physical album (CD) was distributed by their own record label, Rebel Tide Entertainment, which included licensing deals through Century Media for the USA and Code 7/Plastic Head for the UK and Europe.

In December 2013, Eumeria was invited by former Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy, to perform at the Progressive Nation at Sea Festival in February 2014. Other acts on the festival include Pain of Salvation, Periphery, Haken, Animals as Leaders, Transatlantic, King's X, Devin Townsend Project, Jon Anderson (of Yes), Tony Harnell & Bumblefoot, and others.

On February 24th, 2014, Eumeria made the announcement that Derek Blakley (Haji's Kitchen and Thought Chamber), became the new bass player in the band, replacing Shawn Kascak.

On 17th June, founding member and keyboardist Bobby Williamson announced that he was leaving the band due to health reasons and the band confirmed that they would be working with Matt Guillory (Dali's Dilemma and James LaBrie) on tracks for the new album. On 3rd July, 2014, the band announced that Matt had joined the band on a permanent basis and work on the second album would be continuing following their performance at UK Tech Fest later that month.

Source: Official Website

The band looked forward to their sophomore album, spending much of 2014 to 2018 in the studio, edging ever so closer to a release.

The first new material since 2011 was released in the form of a demo called "Open Ground", made available on the band's YouTube in March 2016.

Two more years passed without a new studio release, and on February 17, 2018, the band issued an apology on Facebook, explaining the issues causing the release of the second album to drag on. The band was not on a label and funding for the release of the album was uncertain, with the possibility of having to utilize crowdfunding. The band confirmed the band had essentially been on hiatus, despite several updates throughout the course of the previous 4 years. The weekend that followed, they posted a new demo, "7 Hours To Nowhere", to YouTube in February 2018 to tide fans over.

In December 2018, the band announced they were making progress and confirmed they intended to go down a crowdfunding route in order to ensure the album could be released some time in 2019.

Source: Adapted from Eumeria Facebook