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01. Slough Of Despond
02. The Gospel Reading
03. Stillborn Hope
04. 4
05. Angels To Die

Disc I [... The Voidness Flashed]
01. Triptych: Shiver, Shelter, Shatter [ft. Daniel Neagoe, Jón Aldará & Patryk Zwoliński]
02. Of Life That Never Showed Its Face
03. I Come To Naught [ft. Vitaliy Mamatkazin]
04. Breath Of A Grief
05. Drawn By Mourning

Disc II [Among The Lightened Skies]
01. In A Stranglehold
02. Leave Me To My Sorrows [ft. Thomas A.G. Jensen]
03. Along Came The Imminence
04. Fall-Dyed Lament
05. A Year-Long Waiting
06. My Joy Lies Behind
07. The Snide Sun [ft. Daniel Neagoe]

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01. And Every Piece Of A Being Was Washed Away By The
02. Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck
03. Dissolving And Then Forming A New Image, So
04. Sad And Slow [Klone cover]
05. Sowing Itself Like Seeds Into The Soil, Becoming A Chrysalis In The State Of
06. Lethargica [Meshuggah cover]
07. Only To Wake Up In The Reality Of Chaos And Burn Its Wings Of Creation

01. Mired Down In The Innermost Thicket
02. Spiral-Shaped Hopewreck
03. Deep Beneath The Burden
04. Blood-Black Nothingness Stops Spinning
05. The Great Waste Of Withered Pipedreams