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Ofdrykkja - After The Storm lyrics


01. The Light

Light will shine on you, be true

03. The Mære

A fireplace spark
Breaks the silence of night
Into dark realms I embark
As the candle burns out
In this creaking bed
In this cabin of dread
I toss and I turn
I drown, and I burn

The autumn mist crawls
Over the fields outside
Within these old walls
The gates of hell open wide
I can not sleep
I can not bear
She claws my skin
She pulls my hair
She's on my chest
I get no air
Another night
Inside her lair

04. After The Storm

Into the night we go
Over barren lands,
across oceans without end
Against the wind, through the storms
Blood, sweat and broken limbs
The journey goes on and on
Our muscles ache with pain
Into the light we gaze
We will never surrender

Into the night we go
Under starlit skies,
across an endless sea of time
Striving forth, through the rain
Blood, tears and broken hearts
The journey goes on and on
Our muscles ache with pain
Into the light we gaze
We will never surrender

05. The Cleansing

The skies were black
Of smoke
The mountains cracked
And broke
The fire giant
The howling of
The beast
The flood came from
The sea
And it washed
Over me
Day was dark
As night
But then I saw
A light

Darkness filled
The earth
Time had come
She would sing
Once more
And I would row
The flames embraced
The sky
As I gave in
To die
The earth was now
Her own
And I no more

07. Beyond The Belt Of Orion

There will come a day, my friend, when none of this matters.

The darkness, the struggles. The pleasures and the smiles. All will be washed away, like tears falling into the ocean of time.

Our self-image. Our possessions. Our pride and our pain. There will come a day when nothing of you will remain.

You might find it soothing, or you might find it sad. The idea of losing everything that you once had.

Oh, my friend, I have lost it all. And I have lost myself. It was the darkest night that I have ever felt. But it is in darkness where you will find the light. It is through suffering you will get it right. The pulverisation of yourself. The death of your mind gives birth to your heart. It's all necessary for a new start.

I sometimes lay down and gaze up towards a clear night sky. It helps me regain perspective. What I want to happen, what I don't want to happen - how self-absorbed I have been to consider it important. The future, the past. The endless amount of time spent on worry or regret. What a waste of the gift that is life.

Whenever you watch the stars, can you feel yourself overflow with wonder? The mysteries of life are all around you, my friend, but your mind is like a cage. You will not experience what it can not grasp. The smaller the room, the smaller the experience. You must grow it.

I'm writing you this letter, for life is uncertain.

And as you will come to understand - everything is temporary. Everything ends and everything evolves. It is all constantly changing. Every cell of your body is changing, so let your mind change too. If you're not happy with who you are - then you are not who you really are.

These are the things I want you to think of, whenever I cross your mind.

Know that you are a soul living the human experience. Trust your intuition. With practice, it becomes a compass to guide you through life. If you feel anxious, it means that you're doing something wrong. Silence your mind and feel. Observe your thoughts and change what you can.

You know, I had to change a lot. Everything in my life was wrong, and man, did I suffer for it.

Eventually I experienced that it is not the incidents or our emotions that create our suffering, it's our reactions towards them that does.

Keep that in your mind, my friend, as I tell you - a cycle is reaching its end. All shall pass.

Happiness and suffering - time is relentless towards all. Yet, we are eternal, beyond the world that we know. One day we will both return to the earth what we have from her taken - when our bones finally rest below the forest soil, and our souls again wander in the midnight sky.

My dear friend, I hope my words can become a shoulder for you to cry on. And when it's time, we will meet again - beyond the belt of Orion.