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Toxic Ruin - Present Video For 'Defiler' Track

Thrash metallers Toxic Ruin shared a Rafael Ortega-created video clip for "Defiler", the song taken from the forthcoming album Nightmare Eclipse, due out August 27th through M-Theory Audio.

"Defiler" is a song written about a serial killer. No one in particular, just a guy who likes to kidnap, torture and kill women," explains bassist/singer Stephen Behrendt. "I had written this song as more of a psychological look at the thought process a killer may go through when committing murder. Throughout the song he asks himself questions about what himself and what his victim might be thinking about. I figured we didn't have a song like this yet, and this would be an interesting way to go about it."

Band profile: Toxic Ruin
Posted: 29.07.2021 by Bad English

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