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Our Hollow, Our Home - Split With Bassist And Drummer

British metalcore purveyors Our Hollow, Our Home confirmed that they have parted ways with bassist Bobby Brooks and drummer Nick Taliadoros. The auditions for both positions are planned in coming weeks.

Statement from the group: "It is with great sadness that today we announce the departure of both Nick and Bobby from Our Hollow, Our Home. Firstly, it’s really important to say that this could not be any more amicable. The love we have for both of these wonderful humans is as strong now as it has been since the day they joined us all those years ago. Without them, we simply wouldn’t be where we are now. They will always be a part of this band, and part of our family.

"We are so excited and happy for them to be able to follow their hearts and push their business forward with the same drive and determination that they fuelled this band with for the last 6 years. We know you’ll be there to support them, just as you always have whilst they have been integral members of Our Hollow, Our Home. Both the guys have written statements that we will now pass on to you."

Comments bassist Nick Taliadoros: "It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this but I’m stepping down as the drummer of Our Hollow, Our Home. My goals and aspirations have pivoted in these last two years and Six Point Media now demands a huge amount of my time. I’ve always wanted to scale my business and I now have the opportunity to dive into it headfirst.

"Six years ago, I wasn’t a great drummer, just someone with insane passion and drive. Toby, Josh and Connor saw that in me and decided to take a chance on having me join the band. Through tough love and the equal ambitions we shared to achieve crazy dreams, we set off on a journey to achieve them. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity and the experiences that I got to have. These memories will stay with me for the rest of my life. You’re the boys, the MVP’s…thank you.

"Ultimately though, the successes we’ve had are fully a result of our incredible fan base. You have all allowed me to be on TV, in magazines, tour extensively throughout Europe, play major festivals. To anyone who streamed our music, bought merch, reached out to us, watched shows, bought me coffee, talked about workouts, confided in me and genuinely for being not just fans but great friends, thank you so much because you made it happen for me.

"Mike, our journey has not finished. Thank you for managing us during this time and for believing in the band MORE than anyone else in the world. You are truly a good soul. Big love, see you on the other side. Maarten, Emma, Stef, Haaris, Dan (Make North), Dan (Avenue), Aaron, Oli, Mikey, Kingy and (anyone else I have forgotten - I'm super sorry if I have) Thank you for all your help. Big love everyone, stay in touch."

Bobby Brooks states: "Change is an inevitable aspect of life and if you’d told me 5 years ago I would be writing this statement today I’d have said you were out of your mind. So it’s with a heavy heart that I’ve made the decision to step down as the Bass Player for Our Hollow, Our Home.

"For the best part of 15 years, it was my dream to be playing in a touring band, playing shows around the world and performing for huge crowds. Though I always saw this as my lifetime goal, I feel that I’m now at a point where I have done what I set out to do and am now on a different path.

"Our Hollow, Our Home has given me the opportunities that were once only dreams and I have made some of the best memories of my life along the way. I will never take that for granted. Connor, Josh, Nick & Toby. Thank you for everything.

"Thank you to Mike, Oli, Mikey, Maarten, Kingy, Emma, Stef, Haaris, Dan Kerr, Dan Holub, Anthony, Marianne and anyone I may have missed who’s worked with us over the last 5 years. - You are all amazing!"

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Posted: 24.11.2021 by Abattoir

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