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As The Sun Falls - Debut New Music Video

Finland's As The Sun Falls are unveiling a new music video for "Through Sorrow And Grief", featuring guest vocalist Gogo Melone. The song is part of their recently released album Kaamos. The clip was crafted under the visionary direction of Atte Santala and Jani Mikkänen, and produced by Atte Santala.

Comments the band: "Set against an industrial complex, the video for "Through Sorrow And Grief" invites you into a world where melancholic melodies meet cinematic storytelling. Atte Santala’s meticulous editing weaves a narrative that aligns seamlessly with the song’s introspective and sorrowful themes, creating a visual and auditory experience that resonates deeply. Immerse yourself in the haunting beauty of "Through Sorrow and Grief" and explore the depths of Finnish melancholy as portrayed through the powerful combination of As The Sun Falls' melodic death metal and Gogo Melone's captivating vocals. Experience the chilling essence of Kaamos and prepare to be enthralled by the sonic and visual artistry of this remarkable video."

Band profile: As The Sun Falls
Posted: 11.06.2024 by Bad English

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